Player Profile #2: Brad Evans

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Every year Seattle's respect for B-Rad increases just a bit. But in a year when it looks like he's the starting right back for the United States, became the Captain on the pitch and proved that being versatile is not a backhanded compliment there is little surprise he was recognized as your second most valuable Sounder in 2013.

He is an American hero, a great quote and no longer a guy that people think just takes the pitch due to the coach liking him personally. He is B-Rad. He is important to the success of Seattle Sounders FC.

#2 Brad Evans
Nat'l Affil USA! USA!1! Age 28
Years Pro 7 Years Sounder 5
Pos/Role Whatever you need
MLS (+Playoff) Stats CCL/USOC Stats Reserve Stats
Apps 27 3 0
Starts 24 3 0
Mins 2031 189 0
G 5 0 0
A 6 0 0
PP/90 0.71 -- --
Advanced Stats
Off Pass % Net Shot Rate Net Duel Rate
Total 62% -0.69 0.97
Team Rank 11th 15th 7th

#2 Brad Evans

Early thoughts on Evans tended to focus on how he was injured, couldn't play the CAM and his lack of a pure position was not an asset, but a detriment. That all changed in 2013. The element that looks down on Brad is now tiny.

Offense: Brilliant spatial awareness. Always moving to open space, looking for secondary runs or rebounds to knock into goal. Decent producer in the box score, but attacking skills are broader than that. Slightly above average passer. Slightly above average shooter. Decent long ball passer. Could improve his crossing. Does not dribble by many, but is showing improvements there. Good work in the air on dead balls, but should be ancillary option and instead focus on scraps.

Defense: Almost always in the right spot to slow down an attack or limit passing lanes. Improving one-on-one defense is apparent at national team level. Good in air. Uses body well to tackle. Rarely goes to ground.

Physique: Not strong, nor quick, nor fast. Has enough physical skills to get by in league, but is a thinker more than an athlete.

Best Case 2014: Should put up 7 & 7 as a right mid that tucks in on club while being the starter for the USA.

He is our hero.


our hero


and his skills are improving still


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