Major Link Soccer: Jersey leaks

Yedlin may get to do this in a US kit - Joe Nicholson-USA TODAY Sports

The development team will begin play this season.


As one of the few Surinamese soccer players to play abroad, Seattle Sounders FC draft pick Stefano Rijssel has been receiving more attention than would be expected from a third round selection. Soccer Wire has a profile examining his place in Suriname, one of the few South American countries I'd have a hard time identifying on a map.

DeAndre Yedlin will have a chance to get his first cap with the US Men's National Team this weekend. If he doesn't come into that match, he might get another chance in June, just before the World Cup, at Red Bull Arena in New Jersey.

If you're a big Seattle Reign fan and biology prevents you from attending the Sounders and Pumas talent evaluations, the Reign will also be holding their own open tryouts in early March.


All MLS clubs are expected to have a USL affiliate by 2015, and that has meant joining an existing organization for most teams in the top flight. The LA Galaxy went in a different direction yesterday, announcing a brand new USL development club owned and operated by the existing Galaxy. While the name isn't exactly the most original idea (LA Galaxy II. That's seriously the name. I know, right? Roman numerals are so last quarter.) the leadership structure seems more stable than the separate orgs model most teams have settled for. Dave is going to have a piece up soon about how the Sounders may follow a similar route.

The Galaxy were also the subject of a jersey leak. Their 2014 home jerseys appear to keep the sash they stole from the USMNT, but I really like the use of the gold trim. However, it is still a mostly white jersey, so it is by default ugly.

Meanwhile, the San Jose Earthquakes are getting ready to unleash their re-brand later today (around 7:00 PM). Quake Rattle and Goal expects the team to add a red highlight while keeping the black and blue color scheme that represents both the city and the play style of the Earthquakes.

We mentioned before that Don Garber is in San Antonio to talk about expansion options, so he was presumably at the Mexico-Korea Republic match last night which drew almost 55,000 fans. In case it wasn't obvious, that number is a record for the central Texas city. Not a bad way to make your intentions clear, San-An.

Right back Chance Myers played a big role in getting Sporting KC to MLS Cup, and now he has been rewarded with a new deal.

Off topic: By the time you read this, there will be less than two days until David Stern retires as NBA Commissioner.

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