Player Profile #8: Mauro Rosales

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

Hello Trialist, you surprised us so. Goodbye Trialist, you pleased us greatly.

Once a horse with no name, he was simply #TheTrialist, Mauro Rosales went on to be the best dead-ball specialist in the young history of the MLS side, a fan favorite and now he's gone. You ranked him as eighth most influential in 2013. That's a down year for a man who was once short-listed for the MVP race.

#8 Mauro Rosales
Nat'l Affil Argentina Age 32
Years Pro 15 Years Sounder 3
Pos/Role Right wing
MLS (+Playoff) Stats CCL/USOC Stats Reserve Stats
Apps 35 4 0
Starts 26 2 0
Mins 2234 171 0
G 4 0 0
A 8 0 0
PP/90 0.64 -- --
Advanced Stats
Off Pass % Net Shot Rate Net Duel Rate
Total 56 -0.65 -0.58
Team Rank 17th 14th 16th

#8 Mauro Rosales

Mauro's stories history somehow led to an odd career with the Seattle Sounders FC. Pitched by his agent while in a bathroom stall the player would appear in a training match as Trialist. He earned a tiny contract, a kind of flyer deal. Rosales then became a DP (due to a combination of a fee and non-salary compensation). In the offseason prior to 2014 he was traded for Bowen and Allocation Order.

Offense: A glorious striker of dead balls. He can target heads or nets. Rosales is on the short list as one of the best players in league history at this talent. Good short passer in wide spaces, struggles more than expected when he goes centrally. Tries things that sometimes teammates aren't expecting, that and most of his passes are attacking leads to a low Offensive Passing Percentage. Excels when hugging the line or dribbling at an angle below the corner of the box. Good at working triangles with a fullback or central mid. Scores less than expected for a player of such offensive talents.

Defense: Doesn't apply pressure well enough to slow down most offenses. Goes to ground often to win ball. Not a great tackler. Not useful in set-play defense.

Physique: A bit fragile and easily knocked off the ball for a league such as MLS, maybe even most leagues at this point. Clearly losing his speed advantage and must learn to adapt.

Best Case 2014: He will be serviceable with Chivas USA, but will not have the targets he had in Seattle, particularly missing Headdie Johnson. Still should get 2+ goals and 7+ assists.

Thank you Mauro, we'll always have that crossbar.


We'll also have this


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