Friday Training Notes

Oba didn't finish the shot this time. - Dave Clark

Today was the first day of heavy Seattle Sunshine for Sounders FC's preseason training.

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First off there was one new face in camp. Local product, former USL Sounder and Houston Dynamo player Cam Weaver is in camp this week (full story soon). Sigi Schmid indicated that both Weaver and Danny O'Rourke were brought in this week as Seattle Sounders FC whittles down other non-contract players and that if it "makes sense we'll do it."

Today's training session was mainly two drills. On the far side of the field there was a half-field attacking defending drill that was far from view. The near side drill was a variant on a crossing finishing drill that used small sided goals to block off space as if there were defenders.

Obafemi Martins was clearly the best of the forwards. He finished with every part of his body. Finesse and power were great. He argued a non-call on a shot that drove the keeper back into the net and the ball may have crossed the line. Media was on the right side and saw the most crosses from Yedlin, Estrada and Evans. DeAndre's service is much improved this season which is a great sign.

The club is looking at Kevin Parsemain out wide lately after being pleased with his time up top.

Sigi says that there will likely be cuts prior to the trip to Charleston and then final cuts will be after the trip to the Carolina Challenge Cup. "But there's some other things right now that we're doing and looking at and so it's a very fluid situation," he explained.

One of those things may be loans of current Sounders. "That's all part of the fluidity of what we're trying to do right now and the decisions we are trying to make. Which guys are guys we think could benefit from going on loan or how many minutes do we see them playing with us. We've set up I think a nine game Reserve schedule that hasn't been announced yet and we've also set up games with most of the colleges. I think Seattle U, U-Dub and Oregon State so I think we've got about 12 games set at this point. Who do we think is going to benefit from those 12 Reserve games with us and who is going to benefit from being out? Those are all things that we talk about almost on a daily basis."

Marco Pappa, Osvaldo Alonso and Gonzalo Pineda practiced olympicos after formal training. Djimi Traore attempted one time and his was the closest to a goal when it bounded off the post. The next most impressive attempt was when Alonso attempted one with the outside of his right foot (left foot was the standard inswinger on this corner).

Health update

  • Leo Gonzalez, Eriq Zavaleta and Jimmy Ockford all practiced normally today. They will be reevaluated tomorrow morning to see how much training they'll do in Saturday's session. Ockford's MRI showed a bone bruise not a soft tissue tear.
  • Will Bates jogged on the side but did not do soccer activities.
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