Major Link Soccer: Great Moments in Seattle Sports History

Malcolm Smith, deserved MVP - Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The Seahawks win the Super Bowl, ending a city-wide drought for major league championships. It could be just the beginning

I have been waiting a long time for this day.

This day right here.

The day when I can celebrate without caveat.

When my underdog team finally becomes top dog.

I've been rooting for Seattle's professional sports teams since 1995 (at the tender age of four)

This is the first time it has all come together.

I'll treasure this moment, this day, forever.

But tomorrow I'll be greedy, like an online shopper buying for the heck of it.

So if you wouldn't mind, Sounders, could pick up an MLS Cup this season?

Keep this thing going? Even a Supporter's Shield would be lovely. You too, Reign.

And NHL, NBA; Have you seen what this town can look like, in the throws of passion?

And Seahawks, I expect you back in the big game next year.

Mariners... A winning record would be super. Baby steps.

This is the first step. This is the leak in the dam. The rest is coming.

It's a new age for Seattle. And it is going to be a fun ride for all of us swept along in the flow.

This will probably be the last time the Seahawks come up in this space for quite some time, but the reach of their accomplishment seeps into all of Seattle's many pores.


Prosoccertalk reacts to Seattle's acquisition of Marco Pappa.

Andy Rose wants to bounce back from a second season that wasn't all he hoped it would be.


Where in the world is Freddy Adu? In England with Championship side Blackpool.

Orlando City expects to break ground on their new stadium in only a few months. Additionally, they have unveiled a new kit for their final season at the USL level, and it might look a bit familiar.

In the wake of San Jose's rebranding (a massive improvement if I do say so), designer Mark Willis sets his sights on reforming the Columbus Crew's look, to marvelous results. His 4-square result would be one of the best crests in MLS.

Californian mid Benji Joya should be signing with MLS shortly, and may be a target for Seattle.


Sydney Leroux scored the lone goal in the US victory over Canada (boy oh boy do they hate her now).

In case you missed it, a pair of Sounders hit the pitch against Korea with the Men's team. Sports Illustrated likes the cut of his jib.

For once, we can sing Queen songs self reverentially. Good times.

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