Major Link Soccer: Miami Officially No. 22

The hotterest face of a franchise after our own Drew Carey - Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

This league is going to blow past 24.

MLS to Miami is a sure thing, now that David Beckham and Major League Soccer Commissioner Don Garber have performed their obligatory press conference. It lacked a lot of the fun of the Orlando announcement, and there is still a lack of concrete info. What we do know is that the team will begin play in 2017 (taking significantly longer to launch than NYCFC or Orlando). We think we know that it will be a downtown stadium. What we don't know is... pretty much anything else. No name, no colors, no crests. None of the fun, juicy stuff.

This continues the push MLS is making back into Florida, after abandoning the state a decade ago. It was a different league back then, but even with the financial constraints of the league in the day, contraction may have come at just the wrong time in Southern Florida. And let us not forget about the Tampa Bay Mutiny. The Miami club is one of five new professional soccer sides in Florida in less than a decade.

No sooner is MLS #22 set then the rumors for the next expansion start popping up. Apply a liberal dose of skepticism to this one, but a British source is claiming that LA may be getting a third team (or a re-appropriation of Chivas). The rumor is that Stan Kroenke would own a team in LA to be a partner to Arsenal (a team he owns) in the states. There are so many reasons not to buy it though. First, the league has consistently countered calls ending Chivas and seems to be more interested in making that situation work than they are in diluting the market further. Second, MLS is finally approaching a new era where every team has separate ownership, whereas Kroenke getting in with an LA MLS club would make him a multi-team owner. Which brings me to my third qualm: Why not just use the Colorado Rapids?

New DC United striker Eddie Johnson should really be with his team as they train for the 2014 season. Instead, he was spotted in Seattle yesterday with Richard Sherman during the massive Seattle Seahawks parade and festivities.

The Vancouver Whitecaps have finally made some moves to try to make up for the departure of Camilo. They have brought in two Uruguayan strikers who also play in the midfield.

Not only is the Philadelphia Union chief executive pretty confident about his job security (moreso now that his club has made some big moves) but he also seems to think that the Sounders GM vote is a bit of a sham.

Grantland talks to Adidas about their "Generation Adidas" program.

Both Barcelona and Real Madrid are starting massive renovations in their home stadiums at similar prices. Which is more impressive?

Jurgen Klinnsman doesn't seem to find much value in January camps, but perhaps this article could change his mind.

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