TSC Design's Sounder's Custom Boot Spring Campaign 2014


TSC Design's Dempsey inspired Nike Hypervenom Phantom

By now many may know that I've become the self-proclaimed Seattle Sounders FC boot guru and design lead. What this entails is rather quite simple; I spend my hard-earned free time designing boots for the Sounders and tweet them for all the world to see. Corny? Perhaps. A waste of time? As good as any other hobby. You see, I love everything about the Sounders, and everything about football boots, thus the perfect outlet. TSC Designs was born.

Below you will see my initial offerings, built utilizing Nike's and Adidas' customization software located on their respective websites. In addition to the custom boots, I will likely identify traditional silos and colorways for certain players, as I can't justify a custom boot for the spring line. To start you have offerings for Obafemi Martins, Clint Dempsey, Kenny Cooper, Lamar Neagle, and Ozzie Alonso. My dream would be for one of these shoes to actually appear on the feet during a match.

If you have any questions, comments, ideas, please comment below or reach out to me on twitter @soccerdisciple. Thanks!

Spring Line

Clint Dempsey:

Clint is currently under contract with Nike and already wears their Hypervenom silo. With this in mind I decide to create two different colorways which Clint can choose from depending on the mood is in. The white colorway (main page) is perfect for an afternoon match at the Clink, while the black colorway is more suited for the derby and the Shale second kit. The NikeSkin is an amazing synthetic that is incredibly light that hugs the foot. In addition, the inclusion of Nike's "All Conditions Control" (ACC), assists with ball control in wet or dry conditions.

TSC Design's Dempsey inspired 2nd colorway

Obafemi Martins:

When it comes to pairing a player with the perfect boot, it couldn't get any better with the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX and our #9, Obafemi Martins. By definition, a person with a mercurial temperament is one who is subject to sudden and unpredictable changes in mood or behavior. Ponder that for a moment when you think about Obafemi on the pitch. It's on point.

For Oba I decided to design quite a few colorways, again allowing him to pick and choose depending on the mood. Yes, it's basically accessorizing, but footballers love a great pair of boots. The Vapor itself is a wonderful boot (I own a pair myself), that is built around a Teijin microfiber synthetic upper along with Nike's ACC. The boot starts out stiff but quickly softens up after a few training stints and weighs in at a paltry 6.6oz.

"Black Cat" inspired by the black leopards that are found in Nigera

"Pride" based on Nigerian Flag

"Pride II" based on Nigerian Flag

"White Noise" inspired by the Sounder's colors and the clean lines of the white boot

"Secret Agent" Upper. Inspired by the 007. Black on black upper with chrome tongue represents the tuxedo he wears and the crimson red as the blood he spills

"Secret Agent" In-step

"The Sound" inspired by the Puget Sound

Lamar Neagle:

Lamar is a 253 native like myself, and Thomas Jefferson High School graduate so I thought it appropriate to customize his Adidas Predator LZs in a 253 and TJ colorway. Lamar is already wearing the Preds in the World Cup Vivid Berry colorway, but I believe these better suit him.

Why the Preds? Well according to Adidas, the Predator's include 5 "lethal zones" that assist with ball control, first touch, speed and spin control, and killer passing accuracy. Everything a man like Lamar wants and needs.

"Raider" inspired by TJ's colors and mascot

"Mr. 253"

Tristan Bowen:

Sure, Tristan Bowen is a new Sounder but after watching him train and play this last week in Tucson, I couldn't help but design a pair to rid him of the horrid F50s that he is currently wearing. Getting him more in line with the Sounder's colors and channeling his strength and speed, I thought a silver/titanium color would be appropriate. That matches with a pop of "solar slime" and blue round out the design.

"Titan Blue"

Kenny Cooper:

As a northwest native, Kenny Cooper needs to transition away from the gaudy and bright colorways that are running rampant in the market right now. He is currently wearing an older version of the Predator LZ, and sometimes shifts to the F50. As I don't see Kenny as a pacey threat, the F50 doesn't seem to suit his play style. The Predator on the other hand is a perfect fit, as Kenny likes to get wide and run in open spaces, play the ball to teammates and put it on frame.

"Mr. Cooper"

Ozzie Alonso:

The Nitrocharge 1.0 by Adidas was designed with the engine in mind. That one player on the pitch who gives energy to the team. The inclusion of the energy sling across the forefoot was the key design element by Adidas that looks to limit lateral movement of the foot to reduce energy loss. As Ozzie already wears this silo, it was only a matter of finding a colorway that better matches with the 1st and 2nd kits of the Sounders.


ECS Special Edition:

Plain and simple this is a Emerald City Supporters inspired Predator LZ. Nothing more.

Next week I will be featuring more boots as we get close to kick off on 8 March. Who knows, maybe one day we may see a pair on the pitch at Century Link. A guy can dream.

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