Sounder at Heart Plays FIFA: Recap, Highlights, Replay

According to my Twitch viewer count, not very many people tuned in last night to watch me preview tomorrow's match with FIFA 14. That's probably for the best, as poor finishing and a couple of defensive lapses ended up handing Toronto the game. Still, if anyone was interested in watching the (hopefully very inaccurate) preview, the full replay is available for your viewing pleasure.

I also captured a series of highlights from the video, which I'll include here along with an overview of the game.

The Sounders got off to a very slow start, and it only took until the 17th minute for the visiting Toronto FC to open the scoring, capitalizing on an errant pass from Clint Dempsey:

This seemed to be the blow that was needed to wake the Sounders up, and it was followed by a long period of dominance by the home side with some very good chances before the half. First, Marco Pappa found a little space, but was disappointingly unable to put a short on target:

Shortly afterwards, a cross from Remick got the ball to Oba's feet in the box, but he had two successive shots blocked by defenders:

The Sounders persevered, at one point watching the ball hit the back of the net only to have the goal called back as Oba was a hair's breadth offside:

The first half came to a close as Oba couldn't quite get enough power on his shot to beat Julio Cesar:

The Sounders went into the second half fired up and looking to find that first goal, but it was Toronto who had the first chance of the half. Only a good save by Stefan Frei prevented Gilberto from doubling their lead after an error by Djimi Traore gave him a close-range shot:

The Sounders finally opened their scoring as an excellent through ball from Dempsey set Martins free, and Oba made no mistake in leveling the score with an absolutely superb finish from the side of the box:

Immediately after TFC's kickoff, Oba looked like winning the game all by himself as he won possession for the Sounders and attempted an identical shot to the one he had just scored. Sadly, this one was just an inch or two further outside than his previous effort, and the post knocked the ball out of play:

TFC began to show a little life again at this point, and Djimi Traore made another error which should have given them the lead if not for absolutely woeful finishing by Osorio:

But the game winner was not far behind, and Traore was once again in error, although he can perhaps count himself a little unlucky that the shot which he did well to block fell right back to the feet of Jackson, who dodged by Traore and slotted home in the 72' before Remick could close him down:

The Sounders weren't ready to count themselves out yet, and Cesar had to come up with a stellar save to prevent Cooper from leveling the Sounders once again:

In the dying embers of the game, Oba looked like he would turn a breakaway into a last minute equalizer, but a heavy final touch from him gave Toronto the chance to clear the ball and come away with all three points for their season opener:

In the end, the Sounders were left with their first defeat of the fledgling season, with Cesar's brilliant effort and Traore's individual errors most to blame.

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