Part Three: More Custom Boots for our Sounders!

That's right boot fans, it's time for the third installment of TSC Design's spring campaign for the Seattle Sounders! In a nut shell, I design custom boots for various Sounders utilizing the free tools provided by adidas and Nike. My dream is for the players to see em, like em, and wear em. I already have Obafemi Martins wearing a TSC Design, can I get more? For this installment I am featuring some new Sounders, Gonzalo Pineda, Kevin Parsemain, and Sean Okoli. Enjoy the designs and feel free to leave some feedback on your favorites!

Gonzalo Pineda:

I was introduced to "The Trialist" of 2014, Gonzalo Pineda, on a sunny Friday morning in Tucson. As I sat next to a topless Alan Hinton, I couldn't help but recognize the quality of the then unknown and numberless player on the pitch. I knew I saw quality, and I felt that he had a future with the club. Once he was identified by the Sounder faithful in the twitter-sphere, we all had a better idea of the possible talent we had on our hands. It only got better when Gonzo earned his contract and joined the team. And after watching his first 70+ minutes in a Sounders' jersey on Saturday against Toronto, the Seattle fan-base has someone else to look forward to. In addition to being cut from a similar cloth as his midfield colleague Ozzie Alonso, theyalso both wear the adidas Nitrocharge 1.0. Ozzie went the custom route, and Gonzo has continued to wear the Wold Cup coloway of Solar Slime offered at the moment. I of course am not happy with an off the shelf colorway, so below are a few ideas for Gonzo, if he is so inclined. I also thought a classic player like Gonzalo Pineda deserved a classically designed boot, hence the inclusion of the 11Pro. Either would be a fine gameday choice!

"Blue Collar": I chose a majority black upper because it just screams "doin work," and that's what Gonzo appears to be all about. Of course being a Sounder, I decided to add some cues that Gonzo is now a Sounder, and hopefully one for a long time.

"El Classico":The 11Pro is a classic heritage boot, for the 21st century. With an upper so beautiful, you don't want to hide the fine stitching that adidas utilizes. The green soleplate and blue heel are a nod to the colors of his new club.

Kevin Parsemain:

Kevin Parsemain is my kind of player, and I think I finally figured out why I have fallen so absolutely head over heels (queue Tears for Fears) for the Martinique striker; he reminds me of Thierry Henry. The way Kevin gracefully moves about the pitch, and his hunger to put the ball in the back on the net, it's just so damn enjoyable to watch. There have been many off season additions to the Seattle side, but nobody interests me as much as Parsemain does. It's the potential, the relative unknown of what he can do on the big stage. If his preseason is any indication, Seattle could have a future 10+ goal per season striker on their hands. His weapon of choice is the Nike Mercurial Vapor IX, just like Obafemi Martins. You see, Kevin and Oba are the type of players that Nike had in mind when they created the Mercurial Vapor line. A boot for a player who can change the game in an instant. So below are three custom designs inspired by Kevin's play. Perhaps one day we will see him take the turf at Century Link in a pair.

"French Connection": The boot features the colors of the French flag, clean and crisp. Like a man wearing pink, it takes a confident player to wear a pair of white boots, and I think Kevin may just be that type of man.

"The Blue": Straightforward and to the point. This boot is all about being a Sounder.

"Spring Fling": Whimsical in crimson and baby blue. This is a fun distraction of a boot combo. Some great boot designs happen because they contrast with the kit in such a way, that you cannot help but stare in awe. This pair would clash with any Sounder kit, yet somehow sends a clear message on Kevin's intent. Score goals.

Sean Okoli:

Oh Ugo! An HGP from the 253, can it really get any better for the Sounders? Showing incredible promise in the preseason, Okoli was a crucial part of the 1-0 win over SKC in the opener on 8 March. He has a bright future and we are all fortunate enough to be able to watch it unfold. Ugo as he is known wears the F50 adizero from adidas and I can't argue against a boot of that quality. It's meant for a player like Ugo, who utilizes their speed and power to dismantle opposing defenses. Here are a few colorways for him to enjoy.

"T-1000": Named after the Terminator, the T-1000 is cold, clean, and efficient. No frills, no gimmicks, just pain.

"T-2000": The evolution of the T-1000, but this time with a lil color thrown in to remind his opponents that he is a Sounder. Check and mate!

"Blackout": Made specifically for the new 3rd kit, this boot is just damn good looking.

Thanks for taking a look at the newest releases. There will be more to come as the season rolls on! Take a moment to comment or follow. Feedback is always appreciated! For the full experience, visit

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