Trialist Usage Review

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Seventeen trialists came through Sounders preseason. Five of those only practiced while the other twelve saw a few game minutes. Six ended preseason with the club. Here's a look at how all were used.

March 1 was MLS roster-compliance day. This meant that every club was required to be under the salary cap (they call it a budget and admit that it is somewhat fungible) and that each club must have a minimum number of players and not exceed the maximum number of roster spots. Presumably, Seattle Sounders FC met those conditions and that's why no other signings or cuts were announced. It seems that the six trialists that ended preseason with the club still have a shot to make the roster, at some point. Some trialists played a lot, others played quite a bit less.

Seattle has five roster spots open -- including Shalrie Joseph's spot, which we fully expect to be opened -- four of which can be used on internationals.

The following table shows how many minutes they were used and what roles they played for when they wore the Rave Green.

PLAYER Gm 1 Gm 2 Gm 3 Gm 4 Gm 5 Gm 6 Gm 7 Gm8 Gm 9 Minutes Primary Role Other Roles
Azira 45 66 19 64 * 45 60 299 Defensive Mid Right Back
Parsemain 45 60 68 45 17 13 248 Forward
Ockford* 45 30 90 45 210 Right Back Center Back
Pereira 45 30 30 27 60 192 Attacking Mid Box-to-Box Mid
Pineda 45 63 45 22 175 Defensive Mid
Morad 45 45 30 30 150 Center Back
M.Gonzalez 45 30 30 105 Right Wing Forward
Weaver 10 22 26 43 101 Forward
Catic 45 30 16 91 Attacking Mid Left Wing
Tan 45 45 90 Left Wing Forward
Rijssel 45 19 64 Left Wing
Arroyo 30 22 52 Right Wing Left Wing
Feener 0 Keeper
Herrick 0 Keeper
McCarthy 0 Keeper
Morrison 0 Defensive Mid
Browne 0 Attacking Mid

One trialist clearly stood out to Adrian & Co.: Jimmy Ockford was not drafted with a contract. But he earned one and then was loaned to the Cosmos. Another trialist gained a cult following due to his goalscoring prowess: Kevin Parsemain remains unsigned, at this time, but he demonstrated a knack for goals. Micheal Azira is under contract with the Charleston Battery (and has 90 minutes of use by them not on the chart) which could complicate the possibility of joining the Sounders despite his status as the most-used trialist.

Both Pineda and Weaver would have to make the roster as senior players. They are old enough that they no longer qualify for the developmental portion of the roster. Pineda's heavy usage indicates some value, but he may have contract demands. Weaver showed strong hold-up play, but that was it. Arroyo hardly saw the pitch. He's a wild card in that there is little out there about his style of play besides "young attacking talent." The 20-year old would be a project.

Morad and McCarthy both earned deals with lower division clubs. Others are on their way to doing that as well. They may some day be Sounders, that's a path that others have taken.

Trialists are likely to trickle in and out of training throughout the year, but the time of dozens is over. The season is just six days away.

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