MLS Fantasy: Building Team Value

Adding high risers early in the week will really help your fantasy squad by midseason. Or maybe it won't.

I received a nice surprise when I logged into my MLS Fantasy team today. My team value jumped to $121.1m, up from $120.6 over the weekend. I don't know how that compares to the rest of you, but it seems like it's pretty decent. I've benefited from price increases across the formation, most notably Dylan Remick (+0.3), David Horst (+0.2), and Mauro Rosales (+0.3).

This year, I'm attempting a new early-season strategy: eschewing early season points in favor of building team value. By using my transfers during the weekend to add players (like Jermain Defoe) who have had standout games, I am betting that other fantasy owners players will pick them up subsequently and give me an ROI. To be honest, I don't know how well it's going to work. According to the league rules, you get to keep half of a player's accumulated value (rounding down) if you sell them for a profit. Here's the explanation:

Player prices vary during the season depending on the popularity of the player in the transfer market. 2014 player values will not change until the start of the first round of the 2014 season.

If you sell a player for a higher price than you paid, then a sell-on fee of 50% (rounded up to the nearest 0.1 million) will be applied on the profits. For example, if you buy a player for $4.2 million and when you transfer the player their value is $4.5 million then you will only receive $4.3 million.

So far, Remick, Bobby Burling, Rosales, Joao Plata, and Will Bruin have all gone up $0.3m since the beginning of the season. However, I could see many of these players being sold off when they reach the $0.4 plateau, which would net the owners who got in on the bottom floor a proceed of $0.2 from the sale. I don't know much about the stock market, but I do know a guy who used to work at Scottrade and he called that a ‘ceiling'. Since each of those players come with significant question marks, I wonder if all of those players might have a ceiling at +$0.4 that will take them a while to break through. Personally, I plan to sell Remick and Rosales the moment that happens.

One word of warning, though. There appears to be some sort of bugs in the player pricing system. Defoe, for example, has been transferred in over 2,000 times this round, but his price only risen by one-tenth of a million dollars. You'd expect it to be a few tenths higher than that. Jason Saghini mentions in the comments of this article that the MLS Fantasy developers are looking into it.

Sounder at Heart League Update

Nick Edds is currently leading the way in the SaH classic fantasy league. A Herculean 93-point effort in Week 2 has Nick ranked 12th overall. Well done, sir.

In the Sounder at Heart contributor head-to-head league, which is new this year, three teams including Dave's Bedir Than Average have started with a perfect 2-0 record.

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