So you’re thinking of attending a Reign game

Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

The 2014 Seattle Reign FC season is upon us, and I see a lot of questions popping up on Twitter and in comments about the details of attending a match at the Reign's new Memorial Stadium home. Sidereal has done an excellent job previewing the players and team, so this is an effort to gather common logistical questions into one spot.

I want to take public transit and I’m coming from…

North of the Seattle Center: routes that serve the general area include the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 13 (Queen Anne), the 5 (Shoreline, Greenwood, Fremont), the 16 (Northgate, Green Lake, Wallingford), the 26 (Green Lake, Wallingford), the 28 (Crown Hill, Freelard), the 32 (U District, Fremont, Interbay), 40 (Northgate, Ballard, Fremont), Rapid Ride D (Ballard, Crown Hill), and Rapid Ride E (Aurora Ave N all the way to Shoreline).

Capitol Hill/South Lake Union: walk or take the 8.

Magnolia: support efforts to get Metro more funding to restore reasonable service to your neighborhood. In the meantime, get yourself over to 15th Ave W and take the 32 or Rapid Ride D.

Anywhere else: take whatever route is most convenient to downtown and transfer to the 3 or 4 for the most direct service, or to the 1, 2, 13 or D for service to the west side of the Seattle Center where most bars and restaurants are located. Or there’s always the monorail, but keep in mind that it doesn’t accept ORCA cards or bus transfers.

For more details and travel times, try the Metro Trip Planner.

I want to drive

There are numerous parking lots and garages around the Seattle Center, although they tend to be rather expensive. The nearest garage is next to the Gates Foundation on the corner of Harrison St and 5th Ave N. Another nearby garage is on the block surrounded by Mercer St, 4th Ave N, Roy St and 3rd Ave N (next to Teatro Zinzanni; enter on the 3rd Ave side). There are additional garages attached to the Pacific Science Center on 2nd Ave N just north of Denny Way, and on 1st Ave N between John and Thomas.

If you want to save a few dollars, there are many 4-hour metered parking zones on streets around the Center (primarily along Roy St and on the west side of the Center near Key Arena; free on Sundays!) Pay careful attention to residential parking zone (RPZ) areas north of the Center, because there’s no parking in those areas on weeknights or Saturdays after 6 pm. If you’re willing to walk a bit, there is some non-zoned free parking further north along Taylor Ave N and nearby streets.

See this ridiculously detailed City of Seattle parking map tool if you want more details or to scout potential parking areas.

I want to grab a drink

Memorial Stadium is dry because it is Seattle Public Schools property. However, there are numerous bars, pubs and restaurants in the neighborhood – on pretty much all sides except east – where you can grab a drink before or after the game. The Royal Guard has partnered with Floyd’s Place (521 1st Ave N between Mercer & Republican, 21+ only) and New York Pizza & Bar (5th Ave N & Roy St, all ages). There are also several options in the Center House/Armory that offer beer, including Quincy’s, Bigfood BBQ and Skillet Counter. If you have a favorite watering hole in the neighborhood, mention it in the comments.

I want to grab a bite to eat

As noted above, there are numerous food options in and around the Seattle Center. Inside the stadium you will find the usual fare (hot dogs, burgers, snacks, soda, etc). The Reign also plan to have at least one food truck inside the stadium at every home game.

I want an autograph

Autograph alley is at field level behind the east goal (the side with the scoreboard). There are stairs leading down from the main concourse that will be opened at the end of the match; as with last year your best bet is to get in line early, or try on a weeknight when the crowds might be a bit thinner.

What is the Royal Guard?

The Royal Guard is the nascent supporters' group for Reign FC. You can find out more by talking with them at a match, or find them on Twitter (@RoyalGuard_SG) and Facebook.

Quick bits

  • Seating is in the north stand, facing toward the Space Needle and EMP. Bring sunscreen on nice days.
  • Will call/ticketing is in the squat, red-roofed building in the parking lot just outside the main gate, in the SE corner of the stadium (closest to the EMP).
  • Your bags may be searched at the gate; outside food and drink is permitted, but no alcohol.
  • There are no restrictions on SLR cameras. The front rows of Grandstand A offer an excellent position for photography.
  • As at Starfire, exit and re-entry is permitted with your ticket stub.

If you have other questions or suggestions put them in the comments and I will try to answer and update the list as the season progresses.

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