Seattle Reign FC and Why You Should Go Show 'em Your Love

Mike Russell/Sounder at Heart

You don't even have to bother reading my random FanPost. For the love of Zeus. Seriously. Go support our ladies in the black and blue. They're awesome.

But if you wish to read on, then please see my ramblings below:

I spent my Friday commute home from work today on the bus reading the following article posted on the status of Sydney Leroux:

Women’s Soccer League Tries to Connect and Survive

I found the aforementioned article to be rather pessimistic in regards to the National Women's Soccer League and the chances of it flourishing. Sure, it's a young league, but it's also actually the 3rd attempt made to establish and maintain a solid women's soccer league in our country. A country who's national women's soccer team reigns above the best in the world, yet cannot provide a league domestically for our athletes to hone and cultivate their abilities. I was finally able to attend my first Reign FC match at their opener last Sunday. It was a great time watching high level soccer in gorgeous spring weather, yet I was disappointed to know that the reality of it all was that depending on how the next few seasons go, it all could disappear away in thin air. Again.

Why can't they just have a league of their own? They absolutely deserve it. Some of the best soccer I have ever observed happens to have been from the women's side of the sport. Favorite save ever? Hands down Hope Solo during the match against Canada in 2012. Look it up. So often does a deflected shot catch a keeper already heading in the opposite direction. Not Hope. Not only does she pull a quick remix to make the one handed save, but scrambles back up one more time to get there and take hold of the ball. Double save all the way.

Favorite tournament final ever? 2011 FIFA Women's World Cup: Japan vs. USA. This match was truly an underdog's story. The mighty and strong USA against little Japan. Literally, the Japanese athletes were at a significant height disadvantage. But what ensued from the moment of kick-off was probably one of the greatest and purest matches I've ever witnessed. A full 90 of captivating play. Hardly any fouls. Players who went down were right back up again. Not to mention, my love for Alex Morgan only cut deeper when she netted the opening goal for the US.

Despite dominating the match, the US was brought level due to a relatively late equalizer. Soon to follow was also the best straight-red-card foul I'd ever seen in a match; blatant foul from one of the Japanese central defenders on Alex Morgan on a breakaway outside the penalty box. The well deserved red was also a genius defensive play of desperation to hang on. And hang on Japan did through extra time forcing the penalties; a situation in which the game lies in anyone's hands.

The match resulted in a 2-1 final score on PKs in Japan's favor, making them the champion's (and which one member of this championship team is currently on our Reign FC). And with this victory falling only several months after a devastating earthquake ravaged the country, the victory of the women's national team rejuvenated the life within, showing the resiliency of Japan. But what a match it was. So pure that I wasn't even disappointed that the US fell short of a World Cup title. And it was from that point my appreciation for women's soccer significantly grew.

Why not enjoy it? Top tier soccer played by our best female counter parts is every bit as good as the men's. I saw great goals, pin-point passing, and well executed plays at the match last Sunday. Not only that, but if you haven't noticed, we have a crazy stacked team this season. I was unfortunately unable to attend any Reign matches last year despite the winless first half of the NWSL season. Starfire is just too deep to get to. But with the relocation of the team pitching home in the heart of Seattle, in addition to a roster ready to unleash a salvo on any opposing team's net, why not go? Why not give 'em the support we do for the Rave Green? Sounders out of town and you itching for your live soccer fix? Go to a freakin' Reign match. The tickets are cheap, the seats are great, why not give them your full 90 as well? Let's support this team and this league for years to come.

Now are you thinking of looking up tickets to the next match? Oh hey, check it out. Livingsocial also has a hella sweet deal on a few Reign matches this season (plus it looks like you get a scarf as well). Let's get this fan base rocking. We're Seattle for Poseidon's sakes:

Living Social: Seattle Reign FC

If you still haven't been sold, check out the support that the Portland Thorns get. I'm sure that'll get you driven enough to want to blow their fan support out of the water. Go Reign FC.

Edit: I just noted this in the comments below and sorry for not clarifying; the Reign FC matches this year have moved to Memorial Stadium in Seattle Center. It's old and that's where local high school teams play games. But all the more reason to go. Maybe a bigger fan base will help make steps to giving the Reign a better home field. Just maybe. So go!

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