Sometimes, your fan card gets put to the test

This week I was doing some work in the field at a site in the Rose City. Since my initial investment in the Sounders in 2009, I have systematically and methodically marginalized that fair city to the south (with 2-3 recalibrations a year just in case I drift). I must confess that I still like going there though (from time to time). They got good street food, their beer selection and availability can be very good, their rapid transit system allows for quiet exploration, and most of all the people watching is above average.

Plus, no sales tax. I love dropping cash there. It's like I am making money on every purchase. Taking it to an extreme: there is a monetary incentive to go there if you intend to make some significant purchases.

So I run across the below in my travels, click before proceeding.

click here

Wow. First of all, I consider the source. Secondly, I consider the incentive. Then I bounce back and forth, Heck, that is why I am writing this, I'm still bouncing. The crux of the matter is: can I ethically accept such consideration by impersonating something that I loathe? Or in other words: what is my price.

If you never been to the Greeley site, it is pretty neat. All the cool, new stuff is there, way before it gets sent out to general population. Way before it ends up in the outlet malls 8 months later. The latest and greatest. That replica Germany jersey that was too rich for your wallet? 50% off. Those shoes you always wanted but couldn't afford. 50% off. Remember, no tax also....

Oh........important point.....the last time I was there (@ 6 months ago), there was a lot of Timber gear but no Sounders gear. Weird they don't stock gear for the most successful team in MLS history but heck, it's their store.

To end this story, I did not go. It wasn't because I exited the bargaining stage and slid right into acceptance, it was because I wanted to beat the bridge traffic. Normally these coupons (and I have used them before, they come in quite handy) have very short expiration dates but this is like the holy grail. I have all year to make up my mind.

So...if you want to join me in my emotional conundrum, print it out or send it to your phone as a jpg. They can scan phones at the door so that would preclude needing a paper copy burning (judging) a hole in your back pocket.

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