Major Link Soccer: Qatar "a Mistake"

His "whoops' face - Lars Baron

Sepp Blatter now agrees publicly that the awarding of the 2022 World Cup may have sort of been a massive, criminal mistake


After last week's defensive disaster in New England, one writer at The Bent Musket wonders what DeAndre Yedlin is doing still playing fullback for the Sounders instead of a wide midfield position. Now, before anyone goes over there to defend Yedlin's honor, keep in mind that I linked this post because it is another opinion (one I don't particularly agree with) and that the purpose was not to send a legion of Sounders-at-heart over to another team's blog and tell their writers how wrong they are. If you do go over there and comment, please be courteous and logical. (Not that I would expect anything less from this community)


During the offseason, Vancouver's Camilo basically forced the Whitecaps and the league to deal him to Mexico. Seems a few months of not getting paid has disagreed with him, and he may want back into Canada. But while Camilo is a terrific offensive force for any MLS team, the 'Caps made some moves in his absence. Just like in Cast Away (spoilers) there might not really be a place left for him.

Obafemi Martins was not the only striker snubbed by his national team this week, nor was he the only one to score venting his frustration. Jermain Defoe picked up another tally on one of those breakaways he loves so much and Eddie Johnson finally got a notch (on a header, of course) to make it one, two, three revenge goals. Ah. Ah. Ah.

Montreal Impact made a swap with Canadian Finals opponents Toronto FC, sending over Collen Warner for Issey Nakajima-Farran. Toronto was reportedly also trying to land Brek Shea, though he still may end up with another MLS club.

An article from "US Soccer Players" asks whether or not MLS took too long to find its footing, allowing the Premier League to swoop in and take a bigger piece of the American Apple Pie. The president of American soccer seems to think so.

There was doubt that Real Salt Lake could handle losing Jason Kreis (this writer included), but his replacement has set a modern MLS record for best start to a head coaching career.

Noted sports broadcast site "Awful Announcing" is trying to pair up the league with Gus Johnson.


Player interviews are typically an exercise in futility. For every Richard Sherman, there are a dozen or more cookie-cutter, "I'm just happy to be here" quotes. Seems Abby Wambach has had enough of that crap.

"Moving forward, I think when Carli and I are both on the field that doesn't mean that other players can't step up and play big games for us and I think that's a lesson to be learned," Wambach said. "Carli and I are great players obviously, we're on the National Team, we have experience, we've been playing this for many years but the other players, the Vicky Losada's, the Sonia's, they need to step up and play as well when we're not on the field as when we're on the field. And it's a lesson to be learned because Carli and I, even when we're on the field sometimes we don't have great games sometimes we're off a little bit and we're going to need our teammates around us to pick us up. The only reason we've ever gotten to where we've gotten to in our careers is because of the players that surround us and players that pick us up when we need it."


Clint Dempsey (among others) makes an appearance in ESPN's newest World Cup promo. His presence and energy have been feeding his National Team mates, who seem more than happy at his re-found form. His position is locked up, but fellow Sounder Brad Evans is still fighting to be the first team right back.

At this point, all Osvaldo Alonso can do is express exasperation with the system. Alonso still has not been given a go one way or another from Cuba's soccer federation on joining the American team. It was always somewhat doubtful that the (somehow still an enemy) island nation would let a defector join the team of a country which has embargoed them for decades, but one can't help but be frustrated for Alonso.

World Cup

It took some time, but the popular sentiment that Qatar had no business hosting the World Cup has worked its way up the chain all the way up to FIFA President Sepp Blatter.

"Yes, it was a mistake of course, but one makes lots of mistakes in life," said Blatter, Fifa's president, in an interview with the Swiss broadcaster RTS. "The technical report into Qatar said clearly it was too hot but the executive committee - with a large majority - decided all the same to play it in Qatar."

One domino has fallen: The roof of Sao Paulo's new stadium just won't be finished when it hosts games in a few weeks.

Eric Wynalda took questions with the Seattle Times and talked about nearly everything, from Evans and Dempsey to David Estrada, the FA Cup, and more.


It had been nearly ten years, but Arsenal was able to dig down deep and win their first trophy since 2005 when they topped Hull City for the FA Cup. It took a big-time comeback to complete the redemption story. That was enough for the old London club to ink Arsene Wenger with a new contract.

Nike has been Arsenal's jersey sponsor for 20 years, but that deal ends after the season. In honor of their long history together, Nike has ripped up a bunch of their old kits and sewn them back together, somehow creating a jersey that doesn't look all that bad.

Didier Drogba is on his way out of TurkeyWhere will he land next?

Word is that Jozy Altidore is looking to stay with Sunderland.

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