Seattle Reign, how can this be?

Today I am once again reminded why the Seattle Reign are having some difficulty gaining traction in our community (and this coming from a guy who attended their last game). I went to their website to see why I didn't hear about a result this past weekend. They do have their schedule (in a somewhat confusing 2-column format) on their homepage, so I was at least able to confirm that they didn't play a game over the weekend. Strangely, they don't list their results on the schedule though, ok, well I know they are undefeated, so I guess I don't need that information (but perhaps others might find that useful?).

Then I remembered hearing rumblings that the Thorns feel like Seattle hasn't played a very difficult schedule yet, so I'll go look for a standings table to cross reference with their schedule and see how strong their opposition has been. Oh wait, they don't have any information on standings on their webpage. Alright, well that is odd too, but I guess I'll just click on a link to the NWSL page to check out the standings. Nope, they don't have a link TO THEIR OWN LEAGUE WEBPAGE, let alone any of the other teams.

Want to read an report on their last game. Can't there aren't any.

Want to click on a roster picture to find out more about any of the players than just their name and position? Not possible.

Want to see highlights, video interviews, or even just pictures from a game? Nope, nope, and nope.

Why even bother having a webpage? Oh yeah to sell tickets and scarves for a team you can't learn anything about.

This is Seattle for crying out loud, my kid's U6 soccer club had a more functional web presence. The owner of the freaking team runs a "digital marketing agency." GAH, my head is going to explode!

I sort understood that last season they had lots of work just to get their feet under them, so a website was perhaps a bit much to ask for, but now in season two, wanting to spread the word about how awesome and talent laden this team is, how can this be acceptable. When you combine this with the fact that they get minimal coverage in traditional media, what exactly is their plan for fans to get information on this team?

Let it Reign!

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