MLS Gamethread: Week 9

Like a beautiful, three-person dance. Except Lenhart is stepping on everyone's feet. - Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Spo

Vancouver and San Jose celebrate 40 years together, while Portland tries to tie the knot.

Ugh, 10:00AM is way too early for soccer. Many of you are probably used to waking up at the golden hour to watch some European footy, but some of us need our beauty sleep. Like beautiful people, or even mildly attractive people. If we see any of those, we'll need to let them lie.

  • The home team will always be the one named first
  • Bold parenthesis indicate where to find the match in question.
  • Normal parenthesis are my match picks.
  • All times are Pacific DAYLIGHT.
  • Clicking on the team name will lead you to that team's SB Nation blog, where you can get a more in-depth look at lineups and matchups.
  • Running on the pitch from the first row is inadvisable. You'll simply get glass in your eyes. (not to mention the view is better from row V anyway.)
  • Let me know if there are things you'd like to see change in our/my coverage. We may be omnipotent, but we also like to throw a few wrenches in to screw with you gals and guys.


10:00AM Toronto FC-New England Revolution (Univision) (TOR)

4:00PM Vancouver Whitecaps-San Jose Earthquakes

5:30PM Chicago Fire-Real Salt Lake (Draw)

6:00PM Colorado Rapids-LA Galaxy (LA)

7:30PM Portland Timbers-DC United (ROOT) (POR)

7:30PM Chivas USA-Houston Dynamo (HOU)


12:00PM FC Dallas-New York Red Bulls (UniMas) (NY)

1:00PM Sporting KC-Columbus Crew (NBC Sports) (KC)

Game of the Week

The Vancouver Whitecaps and San Jose Earthquakes will celebrate 40 years as they reenact their opening game Saturday. The first time these two teams (or at least their names) played each other was on May 5, 1974. Today, they''ll mark that anniversary with a Whitecaps win. When this game was played in the NASL days, the Earthquakes claimed victory 2-1 at Empire Stadium. But now the Earthquakes are just dreadful, whereas Vancouver actually has some semblance of an offense. San Jose is one of those teams who have been wholely outscored by Clint Dempsey. Vancouver has been shaky at times this season, their most complete performance coming in their 4-1 opening victory over the Red Bulls. Since then, they have been grinding out results with late goals. Darren Mattocks has played well, but Sebastian Fernandez and Pedro Morales have kept the engine going. Jon Busch will achieve  his 1,000th career save during this game.
Prediction: VAN

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