Major Link Soccer: Seattle hosting the World Cup?

That was some party. The fun started less than 30 seconds into the game. - Mike Russell

I woke up this morning and the USA still had a World Cup 2014 victory. Yesterday was not a dream.


Remember back when we thought that the USA had a chance of hosting the World Cup in 2022? Well, certain civic leaders still want the area on the host list, for 2026.

The 12th man is everywhere.

So is the Coug Flag. You can see it just to the right of the 12th Man Flag. Fans weren't the only American football fans to insert themselves into the World Cup conversation.


The best way to create new fans is to be a jerk... according to this guy. He judges people's love of soccer and finds that if you ignore MLS/NASL you aren't really a fan of the game.

Expansion to El Paso... get a rope.

There was a time when everyone thought that MLS was doomed to fail. The most vocal of those spoke out 20 years and one day ago. Boy was he ever wrong.

US Open Cup

There's a bunch of games tonight.

Philly v Harrisburg (USL PRO)
Rochester (USL PRO) v D.C.
Columbus v Indy (NASL)
Colorado v Orlando (USL PRO)
Dallas v San Antonio (NASL)
Portland v Orlando U23 (PDL)

World Cup

There were watch parties everywhere yesterday. Sounder at Heart had a good time at Capitol Cider. In Portland one journalist crossed the barrier from disinterested observer to "OMG THEY"RE WINNING."


In New Jersey Red Bull Arena hosted a watch party as well. Even with all the parties, the viewing numbers were downright amazing. The ESPN overnight numbers were a 7.0. That's the highest ever for ESPN covering any soccer, and only trails ABC's USA/England in 2010. Univision numbers will be out shortly, expect records.

The match was huge on Twitter as well. See how it played out in North America in this map that tracks Twitter activitiy.

That win had so many special moments. For 14 Americans it was a little harder to get to the stadium than their initial plan, for others they got to enjoy the full glory from the stands. Live that moment with them in this video.

Now the United States determines its own route out of Group G. The numbers are pretty good, but the performance against Portugal will be key.

Business of Soccer

ESPN is losing the rights to another soccer property after this World Cup. But they insist they will still love soccer and will get back in the rights game soon.

Landon Donovan didn't go to the World Cup. He did do some analysis. He also filmed a commercial in a bathrobe.

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