Born in '74

Posts honoring the Sounders' 40th anniversary

#SFC40 gifs: Sounders vs Quakes, 5/5/80 (Animated)


Rave TV Extra revisits May 5, 1980 as the NASL-era Sounder defeated the San Jose Earthquakes so we celebrate with some throwback some gifs.

MOHAI Celebrates 40 Years of Sounders Soccer


For those of you who couldn't be there in person, either for jobs, school, or attempts to smash windows at the NIKE store. We don't judge.

Retro-inspired Sounders player cards


A first-team set of NASL-era inspired Seattle Sounders player cards featuring the photos of Mike Russell and Jane G.


Red & White, Black & Blue - NASL ad for Sounders

"Playing the game to win. That's the name of the game." Someone thought this would sell soccer in Seattle. Sometimes the success of the NASL is a bit surprising. Aren't all games played to win?

Sounders show off vintage threads


Brian Schmetzer, in case you didn't know, is a one-man history lesson on Seattle soccer, having played or coached almost every iteration of pro teams in the area. So it's no surprise that MOHAI will be using some of his old uniforms in their upcoming display on the Sounders' 40th anniversary. But before his old threads go to the museum on May 1, he let some of the current players try them on. Djimi Traore, DeAndre Yedlin and Leo Gonzalez all look pretty comfortable. Marcus Hahnemann? Not so much.

The 40th Anniversary Banner


Reporters got to look at it today.

40th Anniversary Tribute video that was shown in-stadium


40th Anniversary Tribute video that was shown in-stadium.

A detail of full-stadium display you might have missed


Unless you were sitting in the North End, you probably missed one of the cooler details from the full-stadium display: It turns out the South End's sheets spelled out 1974. Good work. Photo courtesy of Sounders FC's Facebook page

Alliance Council Kicks Off 2014


On Tuesday, Feb 25, the Alliance Council held its first meeting of the 2014 season. There were 25 Council members present, including 3 new members. Here's a report.

Know Your History: Zach Scott (Infographic)


Zach Scott: Man Marker, Subject of Infographic. 12 years across two eras of Sounders soccer in Seattle earns Zach Scott the right to be among the other legendary figures of our 40 years.

40th Anniversary Celebration - Some Backstory

The Club announced on Tuesday that they will be actively celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the "Seattle Sounders" soccer team. There's a bit of backstory to how this came about.

40th Anniversary celebration by Sounders FC

Seattle soccer is hitting its ruby anniversary and Sounders FC is going to blow out its celebrations of the rich history of the organization's many editions.

Know Your History: 40 Years of Sounders Edition


Born in 1974. Soccer in the Pacific Northwest. 40 years of history, heritage, and tradition on one sheet so you can visually "Know Your History".

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