Democracy in Sports

Alliance Council Kicks Off 2014


On Tuesday, Feb 25, the Alliance Council held its first meeting of the 2014 season. There were 25 Council members present, including 3 new members. Here's a report.


A quick poll for Council regarding our crest

I have a quick question for you all with regards to the Sounders crest, specifically as it appears on our 3rd kit. In 2012, the Alliance Council passed a resolution stating the the crest should not...

40th Anniversary Celebration - Some Backstory

The Club announced on Tuesday that they will be actively celebrating the 40th Anniversary of the "Seattle Sounders" soccer team. There's a bit of backstory to how this came about.

40th Anniversary celebration by Sounders FC

Seattle soccer is hitting its ruby anniversary and Sounders FC is going to blow out its celebrations of the rich history of the organization's many editions.

2013 Annual Meeting Update


A few weeks back, we talked about single-entity for a bit. How'd that come out?

2013 Moment of the Year Voting


Despite the way the season ended there were some great moments in the 2013 season.

Defensive Player of the Year - Voting


A total of six players are up as the best player whose primary role was in defending the goal and winning the ball back.

2013 - Young Player of the Year


This may not even need to be a vote. The first in the 2013 Sounder at Heart community awards.

MLS is "Single-Entity", but what does that MEAN?


We see references to MLS being "single-entity" on a fairly regular basis, but beyond weird player acquisition rules that nobody really seems to understand, what does that actually mean for fans of...

Let's Talk Ticket Prices


The Sounders season ticket renewal process is ongoing, and... they bumped up prices a bit. Is it logical, or is it outrageous?

Sounders FC to have fans design '14 STH scarf


It may just be a scarf, but a project two years in the making went from Alliance Council idea to real, live project.

MLS All-Star Fan Balloting Opens


This year's MLS All Star Game will pit the best in the league against AS Roma on July 31st. Getting Neagle and/or Martins on the squad will be tough.

World Cup Qualifier Tickets Giveaway


Thanks to Allstate and their upcoming Fanzone at the United States versus Panama World Cup Qualifier Sounder at Heart has three tickets to give to one lucky winner.


Cascadia Away Ticket Allocation Decision

The Alliance Council voted that the Away Allocation at Portland would no longer include 74 Sounders fans that are not members of Supporters Groups. This is an explanation as to why.

Sounders v Impact - Open Source Player Ratings


Opening up player ratings to the readers of Sounder at Heart.

2013 Sounders Prediction: Offensive Player of Year


This prediction did not have much debate, nearly every one picked Eddie Johnson.

Welcoming 2013 with most read of 2012


Happy New Year to you and yours from us here. Here is our most-read stories of 2012, a mishmash of rumors, important games, transactions, and roster speculation. Thank you for joining us in 2012,...

Earning the Vote: Hanauer 2016


Adrian Hanauer has helped make the Seattle Sounders perhaps the most successful expansion team in the history of sports. It will be up to him to continue to push his team over the top.

Hanauer Retained In 1st Ever GM Retention Vote


Official results are in on the GM Retention vote and Adrian Hanauer will remain in his role until the next vote, until he steps down or the club releases him from the position.

2012 Community Player Rankings


Rank the players according to how much you think they contributed to the 2012 campaign, from Alonso to Zakuani.

Awards Voting - Young Player of the Year


As the Seattle Sounders aged there is not a star player on the list of eligible players, but there is an Olympian.

Awards Voting - Seattle Women's Player of Year

A mix of current and former USWNT players and a Mexican national team player make up the choices as to who was the best Seattle based women's player in 2012. That also leaves off some collegiate...

Awards Voting - Defensive Player of the Year


Cerberus, Sparkles or Honey Badger - cute nicknames for sure. All are stellar defensive minded players.

SaH Awards Voting - Offensive Player of Year


In the 2012 version of the Award a two time winner, one time winner and a newcomer are the finalists.

Sounder at Heart Awards Voting - Moment of 2012


This year we begin our awards season with Moment of the Year. Call it a palate cleanser of sorts.

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