Reign vs. Breakers: Caption this photo


Once again our photographer Mike Russell has created an amazing collection of images, this time of the Seattle Reign's opener. Megan Rapinoe scored a goal, but what's going on here?

Are you not entertained?


Clint is just doing his thing. Six goals in his last three games. No biggie.

Sounders at Portland: Caption this photo


The Sounders and Timbers had very different reactions to their tie this week. Help us out by captioning this photo. (As always, the "winner" will be determined at the full and totally biased discretion of the great and powerful McNarnia.) Photo credit: Mike Russell.

Caption contest: Sounders vs. Crew


Our newest repeating factor is back. This week, Mike Russell happened to catch this wonderful moment between Kenny Cooper and his intro "kid." There's a similar picture with Ozzie Alonso, proving beyond a shadow of the doubt that the Sounders are the nicest team in the universe. Do your thing. (Remember, the winner is featured in our Comments of the Week feature, which McNarnia picks at her "whim.")

Impact Announce Match Postponed To Sunday


The 1 PM Pacific start remains true.

Caption this photo


We're trying out a new feature on Sounder at Heart. Each week, we'll take a photo from the previous week's game and ask you to write a caption. The winner will be featured in "This Week in Comments." For our first entry, we've selected this wonderful image of Osvaldo Alonso and Michael Bradley. Do your thing:

A detail of full-stadium display you might have missed


Unless you were sitting in the North End, you probably missed one of the cooler details from the full-stadium display: It turns out the South End's sheets spelled out 1974. Good work. Photo courtesy of Sounders FC's Facebook page

509er clan soaking in First Kick


We gave it our full 45.

March to the Match


Can you find the You'll Never Yacht Alone scarf?

How Tim Cahill explains Clint Dempsey’s possible rise in 2014

Will Parchman takes a tactical look at Cahill's struggles in his first half year and the parallels that Dempsey just had in Seattle. What he did here for TopDrawerSoccer needs both your eyeballs, now. It's not just a reason for hope, it's science* *science not included.

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