Crew Preview From Massive Report

"We know that going there with the turf and the wet is going to be a little different, but I think if we play our game and focus on the things we've worked on and talked about, we'll be in good shape," Gehrig said. Berhalter admitted that they focused on playing into feet this week in practice as opposed to space because the turf - especially when wet - can cause the ball to skip and go long.

Massive Report took a look at how the Crew are approaching the game. One of the notable things is that Berhalter calls this match a measuring stick game.

Referee Assignment for Seattle at Montreal

REFEREE: ARMANDO VILLARREAL AR1: Corey Parker AR2: Craig Lowry 4TH: Mathieu Bourdeau

PRO is back to work and announced the first assignments post-lockout.

What Ever Happened To ... Seattle Sounders original and fan favorite Roger Levesque

"He didn’t want a lot. What he wanted was that opportunity to play and he’d be there for you every day. I think that’s one of the unique qualities that Roger had and it brought a lot of that connection to fans. He played from the bottom of his heart." - Sigi Schmid

Roger Levesque - Then & Now's own Jeremiah Oshan takes a deep look at Mr Sounder where he was and what he's doing now.

Friberg v Pappa - National View via ProSoccerTalk

But perhaps the most important (and most obvious) reason the 2011 versions of Pappa and Friberg many not be relevant: 2012 and 2013 happened. During that time, Friberg went to Malmö, was a regular starter on teams that finished third and first, and (last year) became a goal scoring threat. His six goals in 27 games were a career high.

Farley looks at why Seattle may pass on Pappa Lot's of references to SaH, but there's more to it than that.

Football lines

"[Fans] should be prepared for a football field pretending to be a soccer field," Sounders general manager and part owner Adrian Hanauer told reporters on Thursday. "It’s the unfortunate reality of a two professional-team stadium with the timing. We probably could’ve avoided this if we had done a little better job collecting points toward the end of the season."

Oshan wrote this at It's all true. It is disappointing and sadly inevitable. It could have been avoided by merely earning two more points in the regular season. But there will be tens of thousands more at this game than any non-Sounders Playoff game. That's kind of cool.

A Portland Fan Previews The Match

This has been the weirdest derby week I’ve yet experienced. A odd quirk in the MLS schedule has given us three Cascadia matches in eight days, late in the season while all three teams are making playoff runs. Drama! Excitement! Heartburn! International travel! And, though the Timbers are out of the Cascadia Cup run, they’ll decide whether the Cup goes to Seattle or Vancouver. So much weird.

And he does it in the only way either side can This is funny and true at the same time. No silly slurs, just a love of team and a commentary and how odd the week has been.

Same Shape, Different Tactics

The Rapids and Whitecaps transitioned past their midfield as part of their plan to defeat Seattle. Rennie’s squad used long balls for more than 20% of their passes. Peraja’s men also used long balls more than 20% of the time. Caleb Porter’s Portland squad has gotten away from the long ball Timbers of the past. This season only 13% of their passes are classified as long. The defense is unlikely to be on an island as often as they were in the two losses.

From Sounders FC Good news. If Seattle loses it will be for entirely new reasons.

Red Bull players recognize the greatness of the crowd in Seattle

"For us as footballers, to go to that place, the fans are amazing," said midfielder Tim Cahill. "They do really give a lift and they seem to suck the ball in the net even though some times it doesn’t deserve to go in net."

Red Bull players recognize your greatness Cahill says that this will be the hardest test of the season. Dax McCarty thinks nearly 50k will be there. That's a bit of an exaggeration, but you will still sound like it.

Real Salt Lake claims to play better in front of crowds

"I think that we always play a little better in front of a good crowd," midfielder Ned Grabavoy said.

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