Dempsey and Fifa 15 and Clink


Cool video and article of Dempsey talking about Fifa 15 and being on the cover. Looks like they did a huge event at the CLink.

You're going to want to see Osvaldo Alonso's 35-yard blast


The Sounders only managed to tie Tottenham Hotspur, but Osvaldo Alonso provided the game's undeniable top highlight.

Don't forget: I90 is closed


The Sounders are asking fans to arrive early to today's game.

Andy Rose Gets Fresh With Fish at Pike Place Market


Before battling on the pitch, two players each from the Seattle Sounders FC and England’s Premier League team Tottenham Hotspur met at Pike Place Market for an opportunity to get their hands dirty by helping out in the Market’s rooftop urban garden with help from kids and seniors from the Pike Market Preschool and Senior Center. See more photos on the PPM FB page:

Emmanuel Adebayor suffers from malaria


Well this is a bit of bad news, Adebayor has come down with a bout of malaria and will not be travelling with Spurs during their N.America tour, was hoping to see him this Saturday....

North End Faithful tifo honors World Cup stars


In all the hoopla around ECS's always impressive tifo, we sometimes forget the North End Faithful do their own tifo for big games. Here was theirs from the Timbers match via NEF photographer Charis Wilson

ECS tifo from Sounders-Timbers match


Apparently some people weren't satisfied with tonight's tifo. Those people are lame. Maybe not the best in Sounders history, but the execution of the background is pretty sweet. No complaints here.

Clint Dempsey really likes playing with Obafemi Martins


"It was fun, playing with Oba is like playing pickup, just in terms of we just look for each other. We see the game the same. We like to link up and make those passes that create space for each other so that we can create chances for each other to get looks in front of goal. I really enjoy playing with him. He’s a great player and he has had a great career and he continues to play well."

Here's what Dempsey had to say after playing with Martins for the first time in two months.

Cascadian Sunset


Posted in thread. Reposted here.
For bigger shot: View on Flickr
Image for dl (2048x648): here

Clint does it again


Clint Dempsey scored in his first game back from the World Cup. Will Johnson apparently couldn't see him, though, and let him stay onside. (Photo credit: Mike Russell/@MikeRussellfoto)

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