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With a new season this may be the first time you've noticed our little blog. In light of that here is a guide as to who we are, how to use the site tools and what we expect of the community. These may even be handy if you've been here for years.

Sports Radio KJR announces Seattle Soccer Talk

Starting Tuesday April 15th Seattle will have a second hour long over-the-air radio show dedicated to the soccer scene in the Emerald City.

Portland Week: Kitten

Not everyone travels, in fact most don't.

Portland Week: Swass

original by Sir Mix-A-Lot, adapted by Dave Clark

Portland Week: Black Hole Sun

Won't you come

Portland Week: The Sound Endures

Timber falls

Portland Week: A Haiku

On Saturday April 5th the fiercest rivalry in American soccer renews. It is the first Cascadia Week of 2014; the first Portland Week of 2014.

OFF - tea and martial arts

This is your weekly off topic post

OFF - Jasmine and Dogs

OFF - Jasmine and Dogs

OFF - butter and hats

This is your weekly off-topic post


OFF - Pancakes, and Disney Ultras v Normcore

Guys, the season is six days away guys. I'm excite! Oh, pancakes... distracted now.

OFF - Sochi is over, craft is gone

There are 110 days until the World Cup - one hundred and ten days is all. That's just under four months.

OFF - ECS and Redhook launch No Equal Blonde Ale

No Equal Amber Lager makes way for No Equal Blonde Ale that and what would the best aliens/fantasy creatures at playing soccer in this week's OFF topic post.

OFF - so it snowed

Record snow at SeaTac even. It was not snowpocalypse, but it was a significant amount for this time of year.

OFF - there's a game or something

Open Flavor Fridays is moving to Sunday permanently. It will retain the name and the general theme, it's just that with the upcoming season Fridays are going to be packed with pregame content. Today's theme is the greatest of Owls.

Legion of Zoom

It is no secret that the Sounders and Seahawks have a close relationship--whether or not the Seahawks win the Super Bowl, the Sounders should reap dividends from the Hawks' success.

Rosales "I made a 'family' here with everybody"

Today, a former Trialist stopped by Starfire to say goodbye to his friends within the organization as he embarks on a new phase of his career. Sounder at Heart chatted with Mauro for a few moments about what his time here meant to him.

OFF - bring me your finest meats and cheeses

There is a certain small joy in processed meats, cheese and a simple delivery device. This week's off-topic post begins with a tribute to Kenny Mayne.

Taste this moment

So many Sounders FC players old and new pay attention to the Seahawks. They need only look at the next two weeks to imagine how thirsty we all are.

OFF - Stadium, Tailgate, Viewing Foods

Open Flavor Fridays waited until Sunday because the topic is important today - nachos and other sports foods.

Open Flavor Friday - stadium/airport/park food

Down in Florida for a bit and hitting up two amusement parks I've never seen before this trip. At the first one the food was as I remembered late 90s stadium food - passable.

This week in the comments [December 29th edition]

This week in the comments features some snarky responses to that Paul Gardener article, some witty observations in the links posts, some great points about Mario Martinez, and, possibly best of all, Tacos.

This week in the comments [December 22nd edition]

The post where we ignore everyone else's advice and read the comments.

Open Flavor Fridays - Holiday Cookies & Candy

From mid-November until January 6th I load up on holiday foods. One of my favorite parts is the sweets... oh, those delicious sugar delivery devices.

Open Flavor Fridays - Brewing Beer

Too rarely I get the opportunity to brew beer. It is something that I enjoy, but the prep time and clean-up are both kind of dull. So I drink other beer and wait too long for my own. Over the holidays I have a lot of time, so I'm brewing three beers.

Open Flavor Fridays: Turkey Pot Pie

This is your weekly non-soccer open thread

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