Life in the Sound

Campaign of 2014 - characters


This story should either be told from the beginning or at the end, but there may be a chance that I do not finish, so I start writing now. These heroes inspire so many tales. At times they are...

Welcome to Sounder at Heart


After the World Cup this may be the first time you've noticed our little blog. In light of that here is a guide as to who we are, how to use the site tools and what we expect of the community....

Cascadiapocalypse, other matches over next 10 days


So, you liked the World Cup and want more soccer? Well there is some going on in the Seattle area for you. Actually, there is a ton of it. There is literally just a single day without Seattle...

Patriots love American soccer


We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all not all soccer teams are created equal, America's is endowed by Gaetjans, Keller, Donovan with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are...

The soft evangelism of pleasant community


A lot more Americans are paying attention to the World Cup than ever. But, could we be in store for only a tiny, short-lived bounce as in 2010? What can we do to change that this time.

There is no Sounder at Heart viewing party


The USA v Portugal is a match of enormous importance. It is on a weekend. AO Seattle is throwing a party with ESPN cameras. Sounder at Heart is doing... nothing.

"Every Street United" sends winner to SSFC tryout


This is a rather unique aspect to the partnership between XBox and Sounders FC. It isn't just use of rave green in marketing and advertising, but goes as far as giving the winner of a reality TV...


OFF - Sidebarring and Passings

This is your weekly off-topic post

I'm Sounders 'til I Die (in the first workout)


What happens when you let anyone (willing to pay) onto the CenturyLink pitch? We're going to find out next week.

Sounder at Heart store relaunch


After much consideration Sounder at Heart is joining the SB Nation/Gameday Depot digital print t-shirt partnership. There are 3 core shirts plus ones that will rotate based on demand. There is also...

MOHAI Celebrates 40 Years of Sounders Soccer

For those of you who couldn't be there in person, either for jobs, school, or attempts to smash windows at the NIKE store. We don't judge.

Sounders FC TV ratings trending up


A team that continually sets an attendance record could just be maxing out on its market penetration. For Seattle Sounders FC that is not true, instead their new TV package is setting ratings records.

Sports Radio KJR announces Seattle Soccer Talk


Starting Tuesday April 15th Seattle will have a second hour long over-the-air radio show dedicated to the soccer scene in the Emerald City.

Portland Week: Kitten


Not everyone travels, in fact most don't.

Portland Week: Swass


original by Sir Mix-A-Lot, adapted by Dave Clark

Portland Week: Black Hole Sun


Won't you come

Portland Week: The Sound Endures


Timber falls

Portland Week: A Haiku


On Saturday April 5th the fiercest rivalry in American soccer renews. It is the first Cascadia Week of 2014; the first Portland Week of 2014.

OFF - tea and martial arts


This is your weekly off topic post

OFF - Jasmine and Dogs


OFF - Jasmine and Dogs

OFF - butter and hats


This is your weekly off-topic post

OFF - Pancakes, and Disney Ultras v Normcore


Guys, the season is six days away guys. I'm excite! Oh, pancakes... distracted now.

OFF - Sochi is over, craft is gone


There are 110 days until the World Cup - one hundred and ten days is all. That's just under four months.

OFF - ECS and Redhook launch No Equal Blonde Ale


No Equal Amber Lager makes way for No Equal Blonde Ale that and what would the best aliens/fantasy creatures at playing soccer in this week's OFF topic post.

OFF - so it snowed


Record snow at SeaTac even. It was not snowpocalypse, but it was a significant amount for this time of year.

OFF - there's a game or something


Open Flavor Fridays is moving to Sunday permanently. It will retain the name and the general theme, it's just that with the upcoming season Fridays are going to be packed with pregame content....

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