Major League Soccer: News & Analysis

Major Link Soccer: Sounders Fall to LA


The Sounders lost. Distract yourself with other news from the soccer world.

Major Link Soccer: Ljungberg Unretires


Soccer-playing demographics in England don't come close to matching up with management.

Major Link Soccer: Making Moves


Lampard in NYC. Beasley in Houston. Demerit in retirement. Adu in Serbia. Vedder in Chicago.

Major Link Soccer: Beasley to Dynamo, Pereira


DeMarcus Beasley comes home to MLS, Fabio Pereira has been waived by the Sounders, and DeAndre Yedlin might go to Roma after all

Major Link Soccer: Year-Round College Soccer


The US youth system could be getting an improvement, Sounders and Seahawks open up a new Pro Shop, other goodies

Major Link Soccer: Sounders Torchlight Marshals


Get ready for Frank Lampard, Xavi, and David Villa together in New York. Renders of a new Las Vegas stadium have been released, and they are HOT! Chris Hansen likes what the Sounders have going on.

Major Link Soccer: SEC takes tips from Sporting KC


How much will it take to get Jermaine Jones to MLS? Qataris buy a side door into European soccer with farm team in Belgium. Jozy is sad.

Major Link Soccer: Sounders Crashing the ESPYs


Clint, DeAndre made their way on stage for the big awards night in sports.

MLS Gamethread: Week 19


No Sounders this week, and no World Cup. Guess we're your only option.

MLS ratings on the rise, thanks Gen X


Seattle Sounders v Portland Timbers was banished to late night TV on the East Coast and still had a 4-year high on ESPN2.

Major Link Soccer: Scolari Resigns, Thierry Henry


Luiz Scolari steps down as Brazil's head coach. Thierry Henry is named player of the week by everyone

Major Link Soccer: Klinsmann Staying


The German appears to want to stick with his program. If only he can keep North Korea for winning their tenth straight World Cup trophy.

MLS Gamethread: Week 18


You don't care about any of these games, do you?

Major Link Soccer: Down with Timbers Week edition


Mascherano tore his "anus". Messi is a dog. Seattle is America's top soccer city. When Turkish scouts are human traffickers.

Major Link Soccer: Carmageddon 2014


Getting to the game Sunday may be especially tough due to crowds in the city. For the Tottenham it will probably be a lot worse.

Major Link Soccer: Brazil vs. Germany Edition


Brazil takes on Germany in the first World Cup semifinal game. The potential Open Cup semifinal matches have been released.

Major Link Soccer: Love, Hate Selfie Celebration


League discourages use of camera as prop, immediately uses it in marketing of league. Also, Yedlin as a New York Times subject.

MLS Gamethread: Week 17


No Free Stream but plenty of cable time.

Major Link Soccer: Klinsmann and Donovan speak up


MLS Teams are making moves ahead of the transfer window. Besler has one foot in Europe. Mexico loves the letter "O." Suarez and Sanchez prepare to bathe in cash. Who won the World Cup of Arm...

Major Link Soccer: Tim Howard: Internet Sensation


If you liked this article, you may also like: "How to get America into Soccer" By Keith Olbermann

Major Link Soccer: USA vs. Belgium Edition.


The USA takes on Belgium today in the round of 16. No matter how this one turns out, fries will always be better with ketchup than with mayo.

Major Link Soccer: Kaka Approved, Costa Quits


They tried to hire her as a puppet, but Costa decided to cut the strings

MLS Gamethread: Week 16


Watch here

Major Link Soccer: We're through!


Klinsmann quiets doubters. Growing 'Merican soccer fandom is either awesome OR it's a sign of moral decay. Solo to continue playing.

Major Link Soccer: Go, GO USA & more reading


Stoppage time is really haphazard. Portland signed a DP. Akira comes to MLS, but without superpowers.

Major Link Soccer: Fredy's Back in Town


Fredy Montero's back in Seattle for about a week, and will be coming to the U.S. Open Cup game today!

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