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Major Link Soccer: Sounders Torchlight Marshals


Get ready for Frank Lampard, Xavi, and David Villa together in New York. Renders of a new Las Vegas stadium have been released, and they are HOT! Chris Hansen likes what the Sounders have going on.

Major Link Soccer: Sounders Crashing the ESPYs


Clint, DeAndre made their way on stage for the big awards night in sports.

Major Link Soccer: Spurs hype video edition


Plus Omar Gonzalez translates the World Cup into the late night talk show circuit.

Major Link Soccer: Scolari Resigns, Thierry Henry


Luiz Scolari steps down as Brazil's head coach. Thierry Henry is named player of the week by everyone

Major Link Soccer: Klinsmann Staying


The German appears to want to stick with his program. If only he can keep North Korea for winning their tenth straight World Cup trophy.

Major Link Soccer: Down with Timbers Week edition


Mascherano tore his "anus". Messi is a dog. Seattle is America's top soccer city. When Turkish scouts are human traffickers.

Major Link Soccer: Cleaning up Brazilian remains


There are World Cup games, and then there is what happened to Brazil on Tuesday.

Major Link Soccer: Brazil vs. Germany Edition


Brazil takes on Germany in the first World Cup semifinal game. The potential Open Cup semifinal matches have been released.

Major Link Soccer: Klinsmann and Donovan speak up


MLS Teams are making moves ahead of the transfer window. Besler has one foot in Europe. Mexico loves the letter "O." Suarez and Sanchez prepare to bathe in cash. Who won the World Cup of Arm...

Major Link Soccer: Farewell USMNT edition


DeAndre Yedlin logged serious minutes in the loss to Belgium, but showed that he has a bright future with the national team.

Major Link Soccer: Kaka Approved, Costa Quits


They tried to hire her as a puppet, but Costa decided to cut the strings

Major Link Soccer: We're through!


Klinsmann quiets doubters. Growing 'Merican soccer fandom is either awesome OR it's a sign of moral decay. Solo to continue playing.

Major Link Soccer: Italian food edition


Luis Suarez was the big story of the day for all the wrong reasons once again.

World Link Soccer: Agonizingly Close to 16


With mere seconds until the end, the USA couldn't hold onto their one goal lead.

Major Link Soccer: Solo Hearing, Alonso Healthy


Coach Sigi Schmid seems to think that Osvaldo Alonso is back to full strength

Major Link Soccer: Kaka to OCSC, Bosnia must read


Happy Honey Badger!

Major Link Soccer Christiano Ronaldo "100%", "0%"


Open Cup tickets go on sale tomorrow (earlier if you are a season ticket holder) so keep an eye on your email and ticketmaster account.

Major Link Soccer: Dempsey Lovefest Edition


Clint Dempsey helped secure a win for the USMNT on Monday, and despite a nasty blow it looks like he'll be in action against Portugal as well.

Major Link Soccer: Monday Afternoon Football


USA Today picks "Soccer City USA", Croatia's team ends up in revealing photos, and the World Cup roster becomes more clear.

Major Link Soccer: US Asked to Prepare for 2022?


Zlatan talks MLS, Jay DeMerit will be out for six weeks, and remembering Brazil's opening day.

Major Link Soccer: Union boss gets the axe


In less dramatic terms, Philadelphia has parted ways with manager John Hackworth.

Major Link Soccer: Top sponsors pressure FIFA


Sepp Blatter thinks allegations of corruption are racist. Ghana gets an impressive 4-0 result against South Korea. 4 Sounders are doing well in All-Star voting. Dempsey makes an appearance in the...

Major Link Soccer: Racist Taunts, FIFA Sponsors


In an apparent racial display, beans were thrown at Chivas USA supporters.

Major Link Soccer: Julian Green to Tottenham?


Portugal will be without 3 players tonight against Mexico. Edgar Castillo moves to Atlas from Tijuana. The World Cup break is a welcome sight for Osvaldo Alonso.

Major Link Soccer: David Villa signs with NYCFC


Falcao will miss the World Cup. Germany and Portugal both settled for draws in their send-off matches. Frank Lampart is leaving Chelsea, but Emmanuel Adebayor could take a pay cut to stay at...

Major Link Soccer: Brek Shea training with Orlando


Jimmy Ockford scored the winning goal for the Cosmos in the Open Cup. Two referees who don't have the greatest history with the Sounders are assigned to Saturday's match. Could the new MLS TV deal...

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