Player Profiles

Trialist: Gonzalo Pineda

Seattle Sounders FC confirm that they have a new trialist in camp. This one has 44 Mexican National Team CAPs, so that's different.

Trialist: Long Tan

Long Tan is the only trialist currently with the Sounders with MLS experience. He's hoping to use that experience to make enough of an impression on the coaching staff to earn a spot on the roster.

Trialist: Miguel Gonzalez

Yelm High School, Peninsula College, Seattle University and Sounders U23 product wasn't taken in the 2014 MLS SuperDraft, but he's hoping to earn his spot on the Sounders roster for the 2014 season.

Trialist: Micheal Azira

Charleston's 26 year-old midfielder played in a reserve match for the Sounders last October and is hoping to earn a spot on the first team in 2014.

Player Profile #1: Osvaldo Alonso

He is our heart, our soul, the very core of our beings.

Player Profile #2: Brad Evans

Every year Seattle's respect for B-Rad increases just a bit. He's now the Captain, a US National Team starting player and one of the most interesting interviews on the team. He's your second best player in 2013.

Player Profile #3: DeAndre Yedlin

What's it take to be a rookie, Home Grown All-Star? Dynamic play and a demeanor capable of wooing crowds. Yedlin had both before he turned 21.

Player Profile #4: Eddie Johnson

Eddie carries controversy with him. Most of that is due to off-field issues, a goal celebration and his social media presence. On the pitch Sounder at Heart readers felt he was the fourth most important player on the season.

Scouting Report: Jalil Anibaba

You know a trade is well-conceived at a very basic level when both sides feel they've won; by that rubric, today's swap of Chicago's Jalil Anibaba for Seattle's Jhon Kennedy Hurtado and Patrick Ianni scores very highly indeed.

Player Profile #5: Leo Gonzalez

Everything said that 2013 should be a down year for Leo Gonzalez. There was a decent backup and he was aging. His 2012 was a bit marred by injury. Everything said 2013 would be a down year, everything except Leo Gonzalez himself.


Player Profile #6: Lamar Neagle

Neagle, Neagle, Neagle He came from Federal Way Neagle, Neagle, Neagle He's gonna score today.

Player Profile #7: Obafemi Martins

There was actually a point in time when Obafemi Martins was the man with the highest transfer fee in MLS history. That point in time did not last long. It was also the point in time when Oba looked every bit like a game-changing player.

Player Profile #8: Mauro Rosales

You ranked him as eighth most influential in 2013. That's a down year for a man who was once short-listed for the MVP race.

Player Profile #9: Michael Gspurning

He's big, he's tall, he's nothing else like the man he replaced.

Player Profile #10: Djimi Traore

From a semi-retired trialist to the foundation of the defense to a guy that helped out, but couldn't be counted on late in the season, Djimi Traore had an eventful 2013.

Player Profile #11: Clint Dempsey

On an August night in 2013 Seattle shocked the American soccer community and signed one of the few soccer players that moves the needle for non-soccer sports fans. There was just one issue with his signing, how would he fit into the team?

Player Profile #12: Jhon Kennedy Hurtado

From the greatest defender on the team to someone who is capable of greatness and of folly. JKH's 2013 prevents the community XI from being an actual XI.

Player Profile #13: Marc Burch

Every time some pundit says that the Re-Entry Draft does not have useful talent in it, point to Marc Burch.

Player Profile #14: Zach Scott

The era of Zach Scott: Man Marker may be over, but that does not mean his usefulness to the club is done. There are some things that point to a fade from his glory season (which was just last year).

Player Profile #15: Marcus Hahnemann

As much as any player in this organizations 40 year stuttery history Hahnemann bleeds green and blue, even if the shades have changed. Instead of retiring as a mere bench player he's back for another year and showed he could earn starts.

Player Profile #16: Servando Carrasco

Delayed, but resumed, the 2013 profiles are into the territory of players who played significant roles on the year.

Player Profile #17: Patrick Ianni

Last year Ianni was 14th, this year down to 17th. That's a path that no one anticipated.

Player Profile #18: David Estrada

He may not run through a wall for Joe Roth, but he would for the Seattle Sounders

Player Profile: #19: Andy Rose

When Seattle traded for Rose during the draft he was thought of as just another UCLA guy. That might be underselling the most Brad Evans-y of not B-Rads out there.

Player Profile #21: Adam Moffat

Yesterday we forgot (I forgot) #21. Today I give you The Beard!

Player Profile #20: Alex Caskey

Charleston has an odd connection to Sounders FC. Alonso, Neagle and Caskey all spent time developing with the Battery. Alex is the first of that group to enter our profiles from 2013.

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