Sounders: Analysis

Arizona United can't handle Seattle heat, lose 5-1


The reserve team took it to the visiting United side, winning by virtue of superior finishing.

Lack of width becoming real problem for Sounders


The Sounders are on a trend of increasing narrowness.

Tactics: Sounders vs. Real Salt Lake


The Seattle Sounders struggled against the high line again, while RSL's diamond midfield continued to be a dominant force. However, the Sounders ability to unlock their opposition in the second...

Sounders FC attack lacking, please come back


Sounders FC's offense is sputtering. A mere three goals since the World Cup break ended is not just low for Seattle, it's downright awful for any MLS team. There are a lot of reasons why the goals...

Tactics: Sounders vs. Timbers


The Sounders Timbers Cascadia Cup clash was a first half stalemate as neither team gave an inch. In the second half, they both went full throttle. Portland blinked first.

Sounder centered lessons from USA's big win


We learned things about Clint Dempsey and how Yedlin's time with the Americans will change his game.

What is Gonzalo Pineda's Midfield Role?


The Seattle Sounders have found a strong asset in Gonzalo Pineda, but may not have found a way to make the starting midfield lineup work consistently around him.

Sounders vs. Vancouver Tactics: Playing Reactive


The Sounders sat deep to counter Vancouver's speed, Kenny Cooper adjusted his positioning in the second half, and Seattle attacked directly.

The Great Midfield Dissapearance of 2014


Have you seen my holding midfielder? If not, do you happen to have a spare?

0-5: A case study in holding midfield implosion


Osvaldo Alonso and Gonzalo Pineda had a terrible game on Sunday. And it was their poor play that was responsible for three goals scored against the Sounders.

When is a Pass Not a Pass?


Common pitfalls to avoid when discussing soccer statistics.

Seattle's Run & Gun exploits talent gaps


Sigi Schmid is establishing a team identity and it isn't as simple as "Clint Dempsey." It is about a pace of play and the demonstration of belief in a higher talent level than most teams in MLS...

Neagle vs. Pappa. One or the other?


Lamar Neagle and Marco Pappa have been the Seattle Sounders main wide offensive threats in attacking midfield. Trouble is, they're both best playing as inverted wingers on the left.

Case Study: Covering for an overlapping wingback


Obafemi Martins made an amazing run to prevent a breakaway. He wasn't covering for DeAndre Yedlin; he was recovering his own attempt at greatness.

Sounders vs. Chivas Tactics: Stopping Dempsey?


Chivas used a high line to deny Dempsey space, but Torres was left isolated. The red card and ensuing tactical decisions give Seattle the advantage.

Solving "fouls suffered problem" 1 goal at a time


Twice this season teams have set the record for most fouls against Seattle Sounders FC. What can the team do about this?

Sounders vs. Columbus Tactics: End-to-end


Columbus looked to get men forward and the Sounders tried to counterattack. The attacking style, Columbus' poor giveaways, and Higuain's movement were at the forefront until Traore's red card.

Stats: The Hows and Whys of Bus Parking


Seattle let Montreal shoot with impunity in the second half on Sunday? Is that a good idea?

Chad Marshall changes how the defense plays


Normally when a team acquires a two-time Defensive Player of the Year it would be huge news. Somehow bringing in Chad Marshall from the Crew was quiet and overshadowed. Against Sporting KC some of...

Remick should be the Sounders starting leftback


The 22-year-old, a year out from his time at Brown University, was easily the most impressive player on the pitch Saturday and deserves consideration as the Seattle Sounders starting leftback...

Sounders Surpassing MLS Originals At Gate All-Time


This year, more people will have seen Sounders matches in Seattle over the last six years than have in 20 at some of MLS' longest-running locals.

Breaking Down the Breakdowns: Game One


A frame-by-frame look at some of the key plays in Seattle's 1-0 victory over Sporting Kansas City.

About Dempsey's Lack of Production


Clint Dempsey has only scored one goal since signing with the Sounders last summer. Is that indicative of what we can expect from him in the future or is there hope that his form will return in...

The Sounders May Start Slow, and That Is Okay


There has been some significant turnover from last season. Change is good, but it can take a while for change to take hold.

Bubble Battles - XI, 18 and roster


Despite all the attention given to which trialists are going to make the roster there are two other bubbles that are more likely to determine the success of the 2014 squad.

Sounders' impending varied offense


Joshua Mayers took a look at the variety offered by the 2014 offense. Let's look a little deeper.

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