Millonarios Really Wants Fredy Montero - Plus Interview!

Stephen Dunn

Let's panic about an interview that Fredy Montero did in a story about a team in Colombia really, really, really wanting him... or not. We could actually read the article and note that Montero's interview is actually a completely different story.

This was pointed out to me over twitter on Christmas, and since it was Christmas I didn't address it. It is a story on a Colombian site that points out that Millionarios wants Fredy Montero to join them in their Copa Libertadores run. It adds on an interview with Fredy Montero.

That's huge right?

No. It's not. The interview with Fredy is a typical hometown-ish paper catching up with the out of area star. This other site with the same story has formatting that makes it a bit easier to see what happened. It goes like this;

Millonarios wants Montero
They could use him in their Copa Lib run
A loan would make most sense.

Interview where Montero doesn't talk about that at all.

Let's hit the google translate (all the normal automated translation caveats apply, but it doesn't matter).

First question: Do you still pay attention to Colombian soccer?
Second question: Do you miss it?
Third question: Valdes got called to the national team, do you want to be?
Fourth question: Is MLS underrated?
Fifth question: What's it like being a DP?
Sixth question: What was it like transitioning to life in Seattle?

Notice something missing from this story of a supposedly done deal to get Montero on loan until June? Things like sources and statements from Montero would mean quite a bit wouldn't they. They aren't there.

This doesn't mean the loan isn't happening, or that it is. What it does mean is that a lot of people will read the original site and see two unrelated stories in one post and assume they are connected.

Does a loan to Millonarios make sense? Only if they are going to pick up his contract for that time and throw in some other money, otherwise it means that the Sounders are getting rid of a player and gaining no allocation money nor an open DP slot.

Would it be a good thing for Montero to faceoff against Corinthians in the 2013 Copa Libertadores? Absolutely. The other two opponents in the group are Tijuana and San Jose of Bolivia. Would that be better than a potential run against Tigres, Santos Laguna and Monterrey? Likely no.

There are other benefits to loaning Montero out. He would have to earn a starting spot and prove himself to a new coaching staff. That's a good thing.

It isn't good enough for a loan deal that neither frees up salary cap space nor a DP slot though.

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