DeAndre Yedlin is ours and you can't have him

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Unless you make it rain. If you make it rain he'll go and we'll be sad.

That was a hell of a World Cup for Seattle's native son. DeAndre Yedlin was only a sub in all three matches in which he played, but he was an impact sub every single time. The globe learned about what he can do and a little about who he is. As just a sub, only two Americans had more crosses than Yedlin (Zusi and Jones). His burst speed and ability to successfully dribble out of trouble were displayed as only Jones and Cameron had more successful dribbles.

His defense was also pretty good.

via 8 Bit Sports

In the beginning of that gif he uses his speed to close on the man recognized as the 2nd best in the EPL and then he stands the man up and forces an error, barely giving ground.

He's part of a modern trend to have even fullbacks in 4-back sets get forward as much as wingbacks. Rio Ferdinand praised his play.

In Seattle we're watching someone who could do great things develop before our eyes. He wanders our streets; he went to our high schools; he played on the same fields we still play on; he is a Sounder across all meanings.

He's probably better than MLS deserves at this point. Yes, he's definitely what MLS wants, but as Adrian Hanauer said on KJR with Gasman on Seattle Soccer Talk "there's always a number." We can only guess at what that number to take our Yedlin away is. Andy Najar was worth about $3 million when he was sold by D.C. United. Yedlin is going to get the World Cup bounce.

That's enough for a lot of Allocation Money, that magical off-cap stuff. And it is probably worth it. That's nearly 700k$ off cap. That's another $3 million to go toward other soccer related activities (coaches, trainers, lockerroom improvements, training ground improvements, USL PRO team, Academy, DP transfer fees).

I still don't want it to happen.

It's probably best for Yedlin if that offer comes in. It makes sense for Sounders FC. But there's something about knowing that a right back of this quality comes from our hometown, he was an important part of the World Cup 2014 United States squad. DeAndre will likely go to the 2016 Olympics. All of that can happen while his club colors are Rave Green, Sounder Blue and Cascade Shale.

Make it rain Euro club that wants DeAndre Yedlin, because he is already entering the marketing sphere (Golazo Adidas) and that will only increase. It will increase because Sounders fans, and now US Men's National Team fans, love him. We want him to stay. So make it worth it to us. Not just the team, not just DeAndre.

We want a league where this level of talent is the norm. They way to make that true is to keep players like Yedlin here for as long as possible. If that means a premium, so be it. MLS would be better if Andy Najar stayed. It doesn't get better if DeAndre leaves.

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