Yedlin, Morris face different challenges in making U-20 World Cup

Chris Coulter -

Sigi Schmid once coached a U-20 World Cup squad. Chris Henderson was on the U-20 National team. Both of them spoke about what faces DeAndre Yedlin and Jordan Morris.

Most of the interviews and answers were in the story over at about Morris and Yedlin.

"You have to judge, you see how quickly guys adapt," Schmid said after Monday's practice. "Some guys are swimmers and some guys sink. So when they get to the next level they're not quite ready and they sink a little bit. Other guys find a way to swim no matter what level you put them in."

Schmid said that about his roster selection leading up to the 2005 U20 Youth Championship. Lee Nguyen would be a player he discovered late, while still in high school and may have been pushed a little too far too soon. That roster has guys you know.

Wynne, Spector, Sturgis, Ianni, Kljestan, Feilhaber, Barrett, Gaven, Adu, Nguyen, Freeman, Harrington, Ochoa, Szetela, Evans

You may even know the six not listed above.

It is a special thing to put on the national kit. Sporting Director Chris Henderson talked about his first time.

I remember when I put it on. It was the under-16 national team and we played Canada. I remember telling my dad "will you take a picture?" and he goes "they're taking pictures, don't worry." I was just so excited that I'd finally made it at the national level. I got subbed into the game. I felt good about it. It was a huge confidence boost. I even got it as I was in my 80th cap, that same feeling of playing for my country. That pride, that feeling, it's just hard to describe but it gives you chills.

Every jersey I could I kept. If I didn't exchange it after the game I kept it. Over the years I've had them all on the walls in an office, but now they are in my bags or the kids wear them.

There are times he busts out one of his tops though. Like the day the USA played Mexico in the recent qualifying cycle. That called for him to wear the same top he wore when he faced Mexico and got a rare draw.

Morris and Yedlin had different paths to make the camp, and have different roads after it. Both will need to show this week that they have things that were missed in the past and are ready to excel right now, as teenagers.

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