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Are you ready to be a soccer evangelist?

Are you ready to convince the non-believers that this game is worthy as a game? That the climb up the ladder in a Champions League to World Club Cup title is as worthy as the NCAA Tourney?

Are you willing to not just get up early on a Saturday Morning to watch the Premiership, but to take the time on Thursday and Saturday nights and watch Major League Soccer in its final few weeks as literally every team in the league still has a shot at the playoffs with the right play of luck? Are you going to invite your non-footie friends over to watch as well?

MLS is our league now. It not only deserves our support it desperately needs it. It needs the better TV ratings, it needs full stadiums, because that's the only way it goes from being the 2nd best league in CONCACAF to being a league that ranks in that second tier underneath the EPL, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Brazil and Argentina. While all of those will likely be above MLS for eternity, there is no reason that the Dutch League or the MFL ranks higher than MLS in a decade, unless you just don't care enough to convince your friends to care.

Evangelism, its quite simple. You leave your comfort zone and convince people that they are better off following your code than not.

As American Soccer fans we have certain rights and responsibilities. I abbreviate Greg Lalas' suggestions below;

The Right to only see the markings of the game we are watching
The Right to have a say in our local clubs - SSFC is doing this quite well
The Right to quality referees - every Seattle fan knows what this means
The Right to teams that want to compete by bringing on the best possible players

These are the ones that I feel need to be highlighted

Support your local club - this is for you Eurosnobs. Sounders FC exists. Live is always better than memorex
Watch MLS on TV
Don't despair because the sport becomes popular enjoy it
Support establishments that support soccer
Evangelize, convince the masses to love the game - this is how we fill a 67,000 seat stadium

It is up to us to fill the stands. We can no longer blame a minor league front office. We can no longer blame a lack of advertising. We can no longer blame a lack of recognition of the players on the club.

We have been asked to help spread the love of the game and the club will clearly reward us and the ECS for doing so.

Welcome to Democracy in Sports Seattle. It isn't just a vote on a name, or the ability get elected to a Council. We are the Ground Game. We are the passion and the future of the sport.

We are the reason the upper deck will be opened in the future.

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