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How are the rumored DPs doing?

We all know the Thierry Henry to Seattle rumor. It was strong, it was hot, and so far it was not to be true. In fact I had heard this weekend that the rumors might have killed the reality, but that is something that can be overcome.

Since the Euro-leagues are all hot and heavy I thought I would take a little stroll to see how those whom are rumored to be Sounders FC targets are doing. So far, the results aren't good.

Thierry Henry has started both of Barcelona's matches, but his performance statistically has been lackluster with 0 goals, 0 assissts, in fact only one shot, but at least it was on goal. The team has a fine 0-1-1 record with a -1 Goal Differential. If Barcelona's performance determines wheter or not the Gillette spokeman will be wearing Rave Green we couldn't hope for a better start.

You may have missed that Freddy Adu was offered on loan to Sounders FC by Benefica. Sounders FC declined, which I think is understandable since it would have been a loan, and who wants a player on loan for only half a season?

Freddy, despite his good form on the World Cup qualifying stage has continued to disappoint overall. He, and the whole team, struggled in the Olympics, but worse he's only appeared in 3 of Monaco's 5 matches, and hasn't been productive in those. No goals, no assissts, no shots. Monaco sits 7th on the table at 2-1-2 with a +2 GD.

It wouldn't matter much any way, as if Adu were to be coming back it would be via allocation and currently the Sounders will start the offseason with the last spot having spent their allocation slot on Kasey Keller.

Lastly there were some hopes for the other supermodel/football guy Fredrik Ljungberg. Unless he's the rare attacking player that gets better by not playing those hopes should be dashed, as Freddie still ain't playing. I fully expect that he will decide to cash out and play one last season or two of pro ball, which likely means the USA unless he thinks that trotting around half naked will go over well in one of the Gulf Leagues.

Some dream of the best player from Japan coming to the USA (likely due to that Ichiro guy who plays in the nearly empty stadium across the street from Qwest), but Shunsuke Nakamura isn't really available as Celtic is at the top of the table (as always), and he's a key reason. Nakamura has a goal and an assist for the club, and two goals in his nation's five qualifying matches.

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