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From the Sound to the Shores (non-soccer)

If you've been missing my posts for a week is because I spent a weekend out in Ocean Shores, the aspiring Atlantic City of the West.

My mother-in law and I are shortly ready to get to work on our Sounders FC quilt

For those looking for soccer only, this post ends now
I also went to an Irish pub, click on dear readers

Galway Bay Irish Pub has to be among the best Irish restaurants I have ever been to, I say this as the grandchild of an Irish Catholic. The food was extraordinary, the decor well-done and somehow they book a wide variety of music. Next time you are out in Gray's Harbor County head out to Galway Bay Irish Pub, you might even see Ted Nugent there as I did. Gary by the way was a great server. The one disappointment was that there wasn't a tv showing any of the beautiful game, but that might be because Galway only wants Irish stuff. ;) Lastly they have a great beer branded to their name, Galway Bay Beer. It was like a combination of a brown ale and cream ale. I'd go with that because Guinness, Harp and Smithwick are something that we all know and love.

Nominally I was there for a quilt show, but these things happen.

I had a pleasant time at HomePort restaurant as well, but only due to its being of the expected quality.

Gallery Marjuli was pleasant. They had great marine art from a variety of artists from around the state. It is worth a stop.

My last significant event was a stop at the Quinault Casino. My first time in any casino. I started with 20$, made it all the way up to 48$ on the slots and left when I got down to $20.04. It was alright, and for a First Peoples casino in Washington I hear it is one of the least smokey.

Now with spelling errors fixed. Thank you wife

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