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How inBev owning Budweiser can help SSFC

I pulled this in from a sidebar posting because I wanted to be able to get feedback.

Let's be honest, the beer selection at Qwest isn't the best due to the exclusive nature of the Budweiser relationship with First and Goal, or the NFL.

But the inBev purchase of Budweiser might help us here in the Sound.

First the local beer they own should be featured. That would be the RedHook and Widmer. Have those available on any set of taps. Soccer fans tend to be people who have particular tastes, and featuring our local beer would play to both our local passion and the particular nature of the fan.

Secondly have a selection of the inBev owned beers from around the world. I suggest the ones below, as they have appeal either locally or are recognized amongst the soccer viewing world.

Stella Artois

Featuring these beers brings the world's beers to the world's game in the Sound. We don't need the main label, give us the labels with character we will buy them, even if the price is slightly higher. A world class team deserves world class beers.

Here is the wiki entry on the Anheiser-Busch family of products and here is the inBev list. Are there other beers that should be on tap for Sounders FC?

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