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Ljungberg Critiqued, this time the "age old" question

Earlier I covered the concern over Ljungberg's good lucks, and the legitimate concern over his health. As the rumors seem more and more likely to be true, it also seems equally likely that Freddie will be one of the team's Designated Players - yes I'm still hoping for another.

The latest batch in the criticism comes from the commentators over at Soccer by Ives with their claims that Freddie is too "old." Now if that's just poor net-speak for he spent too much time at less than 100% due to a hip injury that reads like arthritis I don't begrudge them, or him. Maybe because I've had the same thing since age 19, and yet still managed to run a 19 minute 5k at one point.

But if its that he's too old, as in actually just his years are too many, I wonder what in the world is wrong with footie/soccer fans and their inability to relate to reality. Five of the league's current Designated Players are OLDER than Freddie Ljungberg. The likely league MVP is OLDER than Freddie Ljugberg. 35 Midfielder or Forwards out of 226 in the league and on a roster (Senior and Developmental) are older, that's 15% of the league that play attacking positions.

Chicago's second leading scorer is older than Freddie
In Chivas tied for #1 scorer, and their number two assist man is older than Freddie
The Rapids have their former league MVP, and number one assist man as older than Freddie
The Crew have their likely MVP as older than Freddie
The number 2 scorer for DC United, older than Freddie
Number two scorer for FC Dallas, older than Freddie
Houston does not have a significant attacking player older
Tied for number one scorer KC has a player older than Freddie
That Beckham dude is older
New England also has one of their tied for number 1 scorers as older than Freddie. He is also their assist leader
Red Bull's leading scorer? Older
RSL does not have a significantly contributing player older
San Jose's second half surge was ENTIRELY due to a player older than Freddie
TFC's most consistent presence in the box is older than Freddie

The problem is NOT his age - merely his health, which is problem enough

click "read rest of post" for 100% of players older than Freddie Ljungberg

Pat Onstad GK 1968-01-13 Canada
Claudio Suarez D 1968-12-17 Mexico
Francisco Lima M 1971-04-14 Brazil
Ezra Hendrickson D 1972-01-16 StVincent &Grenadines
Brian McBride F 1972-06-19 USA
Preston Burpo GK 1972-09-26 USA
Diego Gutierrez D 1972-11-03 Colombia
Cuauhtemoc Blanco M 1973-01-17 Mexico
Guillermo Barros Schelotto F 1973-05-04 Argentina
Zach Thornton GK 1973-10-10 USA
Jesse Marsch M 1973-11-08 USA
Jaime Moreno F 1974-01-19 Bolivia
Ante Razov F 1974-03-02 USA
Tony Caig GK 1974-04-11 England
Eddie Lewis M 1974-05-17 USA
Kevin Hartman GK 1974-05-25 USA
Steve Ralston M 1974-06-14 USA
Kerry Zavagnin M 1974-07-02 USA
Greg Vanney D 1974-07-11 USA
Claudio Lopez F 1974-07-17 Argentina
Frankie Hejduk D 1974-08-05 USA
Tomasz Frankowski F 1974-08-16 Poland
Dario Sala GK 1974-10-17 Argentina
Danny Dichio F 1974-10-19 England
Christian Gomez M 1974-11-07 Argentina
Tyrone Marshall D 1974-11-12 Jamaica
Joe Cannon GK 1975-01-01 USA
Matt Reis GK 1975-03-28 USA
David Beckham M 1975-05-02 England
C.J. Brown D 1975-06-15 USA
Craig Waibel D 1975-08-21 USA
Juan Pablo Angel F 1975-10-24 Colombia
Gonzalo Martinez D 1975-11-30 Colombia
Chris Klein D 1976-01-04 USA
Marcelo Gallardo M 1976-01-18 Argentina
Mike Petke D 1976-01-30 USA
Ante Jazic D 1976-02-27 Canada
Jovan Kirovski M 1976-03-18 USA
Duilio Davino D 1976-03-21 Mexico
Bobby Rhine M 1976-04-18 USA
Darren Huckerby M 1976-04-23 England
Amado Guevara M 1976-05-02 Honduras
Dave van den Bergh M 1976-05-07 Netherlands
Wade Barrett D 1976-06-23 USA
Gino Padula D 1976-07-11 Argentina
Jay Heaps D 1976-08-02 USA
Terry Cooke M 1976-08-05 England
Joe Franchino M 1976-08-09 USA
Brandon Prideaux D 1976-08-18 USA
Jon Busch GK 1976-08-18 USA
Jeff Cunningham F 1976-08-21 Jamaica
Carey Talley M 1976-08-26 USA
Pablo Mastroeni M-D 1976-08-29 Argentina
Carl Robinson M 1976-10-13 Wales
Richard Mulrooney D 1976-11-03 USA
Clint Mathis M-F 1976-11-25 USA
Pablo Ricchetti M 1977-01-02 Argentina
Jorge Rojas M 1977-01-10 Venezuela
Oscar Echeverry F 1977-01-13 Colombia
Alex Zotinca D 1977-01-22 Romania
John Wolyniec F 1977-01-24 USA
Jimmy Conrad D 1977-02-12 USA
Josh Wolff F 1977-02-25 USA
Ramiro Corrales M-D 1977-03-12 USA

Source is MLSnet player listing sorted by date of birth

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