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Rumors hot and heavy this week (updated)

Ljungberg, obviously is the heavy. With two separate sites and two separate sources. I've written much lately. This seems to be confirmed, with the Seattle Times and Swedish newspapers picking it up after GoalSeattle and the George&Dragon got it first.

Freddy Montero is another quality player rumored to be coming to the Rave Green kits next year. GoalSeattle had it on October 12th. Today we find out that via another Spanish language site that this deal is all but announced.

MLS Rumors has a story up on how several of the USL Sounders will be joining Sounders FC. Their report suggests the following players - Eylander, Graham, Gardner, O'Brien, and Kante. This only leaves off Cuellar from my previous list of six.

If these three rumors are all true, and I'm starting to think they are, all of them.

UPDATE (Sat 25 Oct)
Yokohama is going to bid over 12M$ to bring Nakamura home from Celtic. Though Celtic says they want to keep him through his current contract so the July window is when he'd move.

Oft rumored to be coming to MLS, the Brazilian Ronaldo seems likely to sign with Paris St. Germaine. Good for him, good for MLS.

The Beckham loan to AC Milan saga is vascillating between Go and No-Go. This will be a test of team v. league it seems as LA Galaxy don't want it, but the league seems to.

There are still a one piece from Roth's "1 player short of a starting 11." It could be Hugo, or other USL Sounders (Seattle Soccer Show suggests that Treschuk and Sakuda are near certain), and yet there is still the oft stated desire for a marketable Asian talent (likely from China, Japan or Korea for monetary reasons).

Also, if all of these rumors are true we should expect Seattle to look at a lot of Defenders in the Expansion draft. Because if they hit 11 in the weeks prior to the Draft 2 will be Keepers, 6 will be Forwards/Wingers/Attacking Mids, 1 or 2 will be traditional Mids, and 1 or 2 will be Defenders.

Defenders tend to peak later, and so are more likely to be able to contribute to winning more quickly from an expansion stand point, but they also demand chemistry for traps and team work. It is possible that some of the Mids from the USL side slide back in their roles, I would even say likely if Schmetzer is the coach as they would know the system.

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