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SSFC takes on typical Seattle sports teams

If you haven't heard yet, you probably aren't a regular reader, but Freddie Ljungberg (reportedly for 2.5M$) is coming to Seattle Sounders FC. One of the great things that this organization is doing is inviting their fans for a little post-press conference party. No joke.

We're talking a player who played for an EPL team that did not lose a season match-up, who has played in major national competition for Sweden on five occasions (2 World Cups, 3 Euros), and who has been a fairly famous model. His Q-rating in Europe is huge. He literally has paparazzi following his moves, I even got an invite to be one last night at SeaTac.

But what is this organization doing with that level of talent? They are inviting the fans in to come and meet their Designated Player post press conference at 5PM. We, the fans of the team, can see the majority owner, the GM, the CEO and the DP all at once. Not just credentialed media, but the FANS.

This, is quite obviously the influence of Drew Carey and his bid for Democracy in Sports.

Because the other teams in this area don't do that. Sure a sponsor might pay a player to show up at an event, but not the team on announcement day. And certainly not for a player of this caliber, not Ichiro, not Patrick Kerney, not Jim McIlvaine.

This is what an organization does when they want to connect with fans in new and unique ways. They are inviting us the fans, they are netcasting it, they are providing a band even. (yep, we get to meet the band as well). They first announced the invites to the ECS. With Kasey Keller they first invited youth league players.

So I expect to be there pending my work schedule to continue my writings on Freddie Ljungberg and celebrate the team's fourth player and its brightest star.
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British press has picked this up, and here's a link to my fave story on it

Probably due to the picture

Ljungberg visits Pike Place Starbucks

Ljungberg visits Pike Place Starbucks

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