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First Annual Membership Meeting

Drew Carey is currently the Chair of the Membership Association (silly name).

Thursday the 20th of November, we get a real idea of what this Democracy in Sports thing is all about. We find out what it means, what we the Members can do, and who will be sitting on the Membership Council in year one.

I'm certain that their are other ideas as there are hints that something more is up.

The fact is that the Membership Association and Council can only be as powerful as we the fans want it to be. I think that I would be a pretty damn fine council member, that's why I'm running. You can read a few of my ideas - Rave Green is Green and Better Beer

The goal for all of us that are Sounders at Heart, be us ECS or just Members is quite simple.

Winning tradition in the league both regular season (Shield) and playoffs (Cup)
Winning tradition in non-league competitions (US Open Cup, CCL, SuperLiga, PPC, Cascadia Cup, Heritage Cup)
Fill the Stadium - not the lower bowl, the whole damn thing. 67,000 people celebrating the World's game nearly every week in competitions against the best in the USA, Canada, Mexico and eventually the whole planet.

That's the future, we can get there with some great branding, a brilliant GM and capturing the spirit of Puget Sound. I want SSFC to be what Celtic and Rangers are. A class of their league so far separated from the rest that they belong in a better league.

With Soccer's schedule and competitions capturing what is best about about the NFL (weekly EVENT) and NCAA basketball (underdogs and layered competitions) there is plenty to love, but when we can participate in the team it can represent who we are in our very hearts.

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