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Lob & Nod and other specialists

Not just due to the alliteration, and not just because Stoke has 4 wins at home, nor due to the mention of Freddie's Unbeatables, but because of the nature of the blog entry on Rory Delap's ability to throw it long and deep. Seven goals so far for Stoke from this lob and nod technique.

It spurred thoughts in my head concerning various specialists.

There's the pin-point 40 yard passer (I'll just call him David)
There's the back to the net, post up target forward that feeds via short pass flashing mids and wings
There's the penalty kick specialist, who sometimes kind of sucks in run of play
The target forward who scores with his head (Brian)
The marking back, solely playing to neutralize either kind of target forward

How many specialists are needed on a club? Can a club built around a specialist or two really succeed (US MNT, LA Galaxy, Stoke)? What USL Sounders players fit any of these possibly necessary roles?

Lastly, do you have a favorite specialist?

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