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MLS Cup Final '08 - Watch it, or admit you aren't a fan

Sure it isn't the sparkly match-up the league wanted (Chicago and RedBull New York would have been preferred), but the fact is that when the Crew and Red Bull take the field a champion will be crowned, a Cup awarded and a Group Stage entry into the 09 CONCACAF Champions League will be awarded.

We are talking about the best team in the league for the season with the Supporter's Shield winning Columbus Crew, they have the league's best player and the league's best coach. In New York we have a former Aston Villa player who has scored 33 times in his 47 league matches and a replacement keeper who scored a goal from 80 yards out. Oh, and the little team that could, isn't small town C-bus, but Big City RBNY the last team to qualify for the playoffs and they are doing it with two players serving 10 game suspensions for being performance enhancing idiots.

This is a game deserving to be watched. There are marquee names, good storylines, a possible Sounders FC coach in black&yellow and it is the Cup Final. If you aren't watching at home with your friends and ignoring the misery of the NFL, go to the George&Dragon and hang with the ECS.

MLS needs your support now. The NHL had over 4 Million US households watch the Stanley Cup Finals. Last year's MLS Cup Final was at right at 1 Million, if you include ABC and Telefutura.

Soccer in the USA isn't a success yet. Attendance is down. TV ratings are down. More people watch golf, tennis, NASCAR or the NHL than watch our beloved game. Ratings for top level European matches, even with crappy schedules are decent, but for the home league our support sucks.

And it is your fault.

Every single one of you who gets all arrogant and says you will not watch until the play gets better, or until MLS is out of NFL stadiums, or until there are better storylines.

Sunday the game is in the Home Depot Center, built for soccer and for the National Team. It will be full of 27,000 fans on grass with good width and length on a day when the best team in the league faces a team that has made an amazing run.

Watch the game Sunday the 23rd of November on ABC or Telefutura, whatever your language preference. Because if you really want to watch Jim Zorn coach the 'Skins to victory over the Seahawks in a meaningless game, you are a fool.

But don't just watch the Cup Final of 08. Watch it with your friends that normally ignore the sport. Tell them about GBS and Angel. Show them the Cepero goal. Talk about how Schmidt is on the shortlist to coach SSFC next year.

This is our league - support it.

Video of Cepero, Angel, GBS and Robbie Rogers after the break


Juan Pablo Angel

Guillermo Barros Schelotto

Robbie Rogers

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