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What I ate, what I drank

This is not a soccer post, sorry. My life is more than that.

My life also includes things like eating and drinking, and this Thanksgiving as my wife and I hosted our families my life was good.

I made the brine, a wonderful mixture of vegetable stock, kosher salt, peppercorn, all spice, clove, garlic, brown sugar, maple syrup and water. I also did some of the chopping/prep work of the rest.

Kristin and Robin did the rest of the bird which had sage butter inside the skin, apple and other aromatics inside the cavity and was roasted with olive oil, salt, pepper and bacon on the outside. There was also Etta's Cornbread pudding from Tom Douglas, Brussel Spouts and Carrots roasted in the turkey drippings, dirty mashed potatoes and homemade mulled cider.

My mother-in-law brought some wine and great green beans as well as an apple pie. My father brought a pumpkin & cinnamon bread and my brother treated us to a great chilled cider out of Enumclaw.

That pie was joined by one of Robin's pumpkin pies and a strawberry-rhubarb.

For beverages we enjoyed Thanksgiving Blend both before and after with its wonderful complimentary flavors. If you didn't get any, I'm sorry, but you will get some next year.

In that video you can see my place of work and watch Tom and Anthony talk about how someone creates a new blend of the bean.

I had some 2 Below from New Belgium as well.

It was quite simply the best Thanksgiving we have had at our own house and I look forward to eating it all weekend when I'm not seeing Joel McHale, or inevitably shopping.

Lastly, buy some coffee, save some lives

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