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All I want for Christmas (Update)

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With the Sounders FC fashion show over, and the Holidays upon I'll tell you what I want.

First, i want my pint from from our A-Listers bet. Or it can wait until we meet up for a match or some other team event.

My favorite item in the team gear would be the Shale Training Top

If I was going to get a t-shirt that is team related I would probably go with something off of Emerald Pitch's Apparel site.

I still wish that they had a Shale wool cap with the logo and a green and blue bands for some color, but alas nothing.

The wishlist continues with Freddy Montero. Sure, it would be a player signing, but who wouldn't want to add forward with 20 goals in 35 club appearances to their soccer team? Deportivo Cali plays tonight (7:15PST start) , and if they lose, they are essentially eliminated from the complex Colombian league, group playoff, final system. UPDATE - Deportivo Cali lost last night and now sit at the bottom of their table with 4 points tied with Atletico Juniors. Periera has 6 points and Atletico de Cali has 8. All have two games left to play. Montero did not score last night.

I also want an announcement for Eylander and Graham the two most obvious of choices from the USL Sounders.

My last Sounders wish is to be named to the Membership Council.

The list continues with non-soccer items

I could go with a new computer at some point, but it will take time. Ideally it would be smaller, lighter and only useful for writing/blogging/browsing. Maybe the Wind as it is cheap and light and got a positive review from Wired.

I still don't have the books from Stephenson (Anathem) or Card (Ender in Exile, Stonefather).

Maybe someone could hire my wife for her new interior design endeavours, as that would be really useful as well. Email me if you have a project for someone who needs some home redesign help.

Beer of the Month would be wicked cool as well.

That's the WishList for now, I'm certain I will add to it.

Speaking of additions - I would love to get a subscription to a CSA. For 20-40$/week fresh produce and sometimes other locally grown grocery items are delivered to your home or available to pick up.

Community Support Agriculture programs are a great way to support local farmers and, in return, for local farmers to support you. Here’s how it works: you buy a "share" of a local farm, in return you receive a box of farm-fresh produce every week during the growing season. The farm benefits from your financial and community support. You benefit by receiving the best local produce and getting to know your farm and farmer. It’s a unique and special relationship that builds community, supports our farmers and gives you first-pick to peak-freshness Puget Sound Fresh foods.

Since I love to cook, but hate to go to the supermarket this would be awesome.

Also, I would love to give my friends and family a Gold Card, though that might have to wait a few months.

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