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Kick out the Jams, let's kick 'em out!

As promised, my discussion with members of the Sounders FC band - the Sound Wave.

Some don't like it, though I'm still in the I enjoy it a bit but let's see it on game day. Because to me, that's what matters most. Everything else, from my calls for Rave Green = Green to the team's efforts towards Democracy in Sports, is just window dressing, it is what happens on Match Day that matters.

So I gave some suggestions to the members of the Sound Wave at the Sigi Fan Conference, mostly because they asked, but also because I am always willing to share my opinion about anything.

First they asked what music I would suggest and the list was fairly short, as I've given some thoughts, but I don't know the arrangements, as its been 15 years since I played in a marching band.

I led off with 50,000 Deep by local band and maybe its just the chorus and the music that makes sense, but we will have 50,000 feet pounding the stadium.

50,000 deep, and it sound like thunder when our feet pound streets
50,000 deep, and it sound like thunder when our feet pound streets
50,000 deep, and it sound like thunder when our feet pound streets
50,000 deep, 50,000 deep

It just seems to be something that could be adapted easily to a stadium setting.

I also suggested Pearl Jam and the Presidents of the United States of America, but failed to give songs.

From Pearl Jam I suggest Hail, Hail. Which again, would have to depend on the adaptation, but has powerful lyrics that could translate to sport.

If you're the only one, will one ever be enough?
Hail, hail the lucky ones, I refer to those who score

After the first goal of the game, it is fitting and has an easy to learn chant that goes along with the music. A majority of the songs the band learns should be ones that compliment the Supporters and the chanting/singing that they already have - to include Seattle, The Bluest Skies (here by Paul Jenson but originally Perry Como).

I don't know if there is an arrangement for this, but the music is upbeat and I think I hear either a woodblock or cowbell - and we all love that!

All three bands that I recommended are ones that are known sports fans in the area. Blue Scholars and Pearl Jam have definitely been more on the basketball front, but PUSA has a broader sports fandom including at least one player supporting the old USL-Sounders. Part of why I picked those bands is because it would be great to get some celebrity musicians helping out with the band. It just works to grab a little more attention for the sport and the team.

Another suggestion was more practical in spreading the message of the team, and acceptance of the band. Place some of those videos that I've seen taken on YouTube or some other video sharing site. The fans of the European game will never accept the band if they don't see it in action.

This is currently the best video of the Sound Wave on YouTube

If the Dudley ManLove Quartet can get stuff on YouTube, I would think that the multi-million dollar MLS club here in town could get it done. Give us a way to share our passion, don't close the doors, but instead through them wide open with embeddable video and audio.

Give us the fuel and we will build the fire of passion in this city.
The lower bowl should not be enough.

The last suggestion is to make 100% certain that the sound in the stadium carries throughout, do NOT co-locate the Sound Wave and the Emerald City Supporters. They must reflect and amplify each other. Work with each other to become something bigger. As Sigi said about the relationship between team and fans - Reflect and Amplify.

This is our team
This is our league
This is our region
We are Sounders

Peaches and Kick Out the Jams by PUSA

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