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Pea Soup for the Snowbound Soul

Hell Sounders,

You know, at some point we might have to break out an orange ball and play some games at Qwest. It would mean that we were in the CONCACAF Champions League, but really, that's where we want to get right?

My local update is that the Maplewood area of Renton got about 2", whereas SoDo was at about 6" when I was sent home for the day.

This is going to be more of a notes column, as I'm home for the day, and did some nice reading that I wanted to share.

First up is Ives has his first Mock Draft out, and all appearances are that the Sounders will get a player from Wake Forest. It really comes down to two decisions - Forward/Defender, Cap Hit/Generation Adidas. For me it depends on the Montero situation. Just outside of those two is Omar Gonzalez of Maryland, a Senior Defender with significant height, but he may be looking at Mexico or Europe.

Yep, there's still a Montero situation. Freddy, may, or may not, be coming to MLS. Two La Liga teams are rumored to be interested, but it would be more difficult for him to make the Qualifiers with the time differences. He may be interested in playing full time and using SSFC as a stepping stone. That's my hope.

In other world player news, when will the world realize that just because a player is Asian doesn't mean that Seattle is interested? No decision yet has been made solely on ethnicity, and Seattle didn't go heavy on Washingtonians in the Expansion Draft. Ljungberg isn't on board so more people from Ballard go to matches. So if Ahn is signed by Seattle, it won't be because he's Korean, but because Hanauer, Sigi and Henderson felt he adds something to the club.

The FIFA Club World Cup is going on right now and the final is set UEFA Champs Man U v CONMEBOL Champs Liga de Quito (PeruEcudor) . The English themselves don't see the CWC as a big deal, which is probably part of the reason why CONMEBOL has more wins than UEFA, but for those of us outside of the Old World this contest matters. If they want to be the best, they should prove it by play on the pitch.

Lastly, but actually most importantly one of Seattle's most nationally recognized writer's passed on today. Mike Kahn, last of and but also a founding editor at and Sonics writer at the New Tribune, passed away today of lung cancer. John Clayton's writing about it is amazing touching and a must read.

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