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Searching for the Free

This is my first project for you the readers.

I'm going to start it off, but this will take effort from more than just myself. Quite simply what we have here is a quest to find those players who will be available on Free Transfers this January. These are the guys who could be had at merely the expense of a contract with MLS and a well placed Discovery Claim or Allocation. Some might require a Designated Player slot, but I will try to avoid those, as Sounders FC currently has used their only slot.

Oddly, there is no "master list" for Free Transfers. Recently I asked Adrian Hanauer about how any club can go about finding Free Transfers.

We work with many agents, scouts, and other types of contacts around the world, who are hopefully keeping us abreast of the situation with various players in whom we might have interest.

There are tens of thousands of professional players in the world, just maybe Sounders FC will find the next break out one.

Philippe Christanval according to Wikipedia he has been linked to TFC. If brought to MLS it would certainly be as an injury rebuild process and not the money. He'd be possible for less than DP money.

Edgar Davids is now an older midfielder with fame, that makes him a prime candidate to leave Europe, but he'd likely be out of playing shape as he hasn't been with a club since June of '08.

Franklin Salas if you recognize the name, its because of his time with LDU who just placed second in the Club World Cup, though Salas was injured. As a 27 year old South American he is exactly the kind of talent that MLS should target. He has tried Europe once already. If he's truly a free, get it done Garber.

Ahn Jung-Hwan this South Korean national will be 33 when the league takes off, but has marketing panache in Korea. He's a borderline DP level talent, but would likely sell jerseys. Read his wiki, dude is constantly linked with Europe, but never quite makes it. MLS might just be his latest tool.

Ishmel Demontagnac was released by his League One club Walsall. The 20 year old has appeared with the English U-19 and U-18 national teams. One rumor says that he's been "discovered" by TFC. Of course if another team put a claim in then the league gets to resolve it.

Gerard Lopez is a former Barcelona Defensive Midfielder who is out of contract. Injuries cut into his playing time, but he's only 30 on First Kick, so might have some life left in him. A large non-DP contract would be all he deserves. He hasn't been on top form for some time.

So go out, peruse the 'Net and look for those players whose contracts are up and who aren't likely to be hunted by the any European League with two or more slots in Champions League. Those are the targets, and hopefully in light of today's news regarding MP&Solis we may just be a bit more likely to find one or two in Rave Green. Also, feel free to include the U-23 kids, though their transfers aren't free they are minimal.

Here's a nice guide to the standard transfer process. By searching for Frees it reduces the complexity for MLS and the MLS club.

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