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Sigi talks - still no answer

You can find the conversation here.

The Dynamo are very close to getting their stadium deal financed. It would be next to Minute Maid Park in downtown. The sticking point is 10M$ from the County, which the city has pledged to match. The rest of the construction costs would be born by AEG and the rest of the ownership group.

Sigi called from his home in SoCal, and his conversation starts at 19:40ish.

Davis: Where are you going to coach?

I wish I had an answer at this point and I don't... right now we are looking at other options and trying to evaluate those. I hope by early next week or middle of next week we will have a decision.

He says that it is harder to decide where to coach than it was coaching the team, as well. Sigi is a big fan of the college game here in the USA. Plenty of talk about his time with youth and collegiate programs.

The whole interview is worth a listen. Props to Houston radio for having a show dedicated to the game.

Glen Davis also speaks to Craig Waibel at the end of the podcast. Craig is clear that is first choice is to remain with the Dynamo, but that Seattle would be his second choice, though distant.

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