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Sounders FC creating a buzz

Seattle Sports aren't doing to well, and Sounders FC is when the world's top team blog starts talking soccer

USSMariner has a poll up, as well as some anecdotes about the excitement SSFC is creating around the city.

This is a website that had one of their authors finish second in a national scholarship competition, which has had two of its writers published in one of the major annuals for its sport, and has had several events attended by the former GM of the Mariners.

Anticipation for the Sounders
Open antipathy 7%
Annoyance 4%
Neutral 16%
Could be persuaded to pay attention 12%
Vaguely interested 28%
Actively following news 22%
Have a season ticket deposit down 7%

That's their current poll results, and it is notable that the most read Mariners blog has a readership that is 69% open to the new team in this city.

More seats could certainly be sold, especially for "events" like the home/franchise opener.

So my question really is, if the cheapest season ticket is 16$ per game and might be 20$ per game on a walk-up basis, what price should be charged for the upper deck to be filled without harming sales opportunities in the lower bowl?

[poll id="7"]

This isn't the first Mariner's blog to mention the Sounders ( and Geoff Baker of the SeattleTimes)

Even KJR's Groz with Gas talked up the Opening Night game this afternoon.

MLS isn't mainstream yet, but it is certainly getting attention.

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