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The Transfer Window is Now Open

Oh, and Happy New Year!

Well, not only should we be keeping track of the rare "Frees" but the fact is that the Transfer Window is open. While most FAs will recognize that it closes on January 31st, England (maybe others) will keep it open until 2 February.

One of the key teams to watch for sales is West Ham as the Hammers are overbudget, have a bloated roster, and their owner bankrupted a nation (Iceland). Davenport might be set free, but could also fetch a small price.

Look for Man City to make huge purchases, as they typically do. It won't change their place on the table, but they will be buyers.

The Spurs will flip some talent, both buying and selling.

I fully expect Stoke to eject Ricardo "Slappy" Fuller after his recent idiocy.

Ricardo Fuller Slaps His Captain Andy Griffin - Stoke Vs West Ham (New) - video powered by Metacafe

For daily updates on the EPL, the Championship, SPL and other major moves look to the BBC.

There will likely be movement and SSFC has 4 to 6 Senior slots for the Transfer period, a draft pick or two, and the USL Discovery players. On those slots they could have up to 600k to spend in salary cap money, and they likely still have some allocation cash to give away. They could add one or two players during the window.

Stay tuned, its going to be a fun ride

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