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The anticimapation

Who wants to take a bath?11:47 AM EST
I woke up early today, excited about the prospect of the finally knowing what to call my new soccer team. Then I remembered that I am 3 hours ahead of West Coast time and they haven't had enough lattes back home yet to get the ceremonies started. I will sit here hitting refresh on the MLS in Seattle website until I get something.

Then again, I am not sure whey I am so excited. The choices don't really leave that much to be excited about. Personally, I wrote in "Seattle Soccer Team." I am way more excited about the logos and colors. I really hope they don't suck.

12:07 PM EST:

I just made breakfast, hit refresh a few more times and still nothing. This is kind of sad that the name announcement will be the highlight of my day. My boss keeps calling. Thank god for the silent feature. I'm in the middle of breakfast damn you.

12:10 PM EST:

My finger hurts from hitting refresh. The title article on the Seattle web page is called "Give the People What They Want." I think it refers to the name it should be called "Give the People What They Want, but Limit it to a Choice Between Three Uncreative and Boring Names."

12:45 PM EST:

Finally answered my bosses phone call. Just calling to check up on my bum ankle.

13:30 PM EST:

Website just announced that there will be a live press conference at 12:00pm PT to announce the name, webcast and all. I cant avoid the thought of watching Drew Carey's man boobs jiggling with boyish enthusiasm. The anticipation is killing me.

13:41 PM EST

On a side note, I have decided to officially cease with my involvement in this blog and desist being a MLS fan if they name us the "Seattle Republic."

14:30 PM EST

Only 30 minutes more! I am just really glad I have a good excuse to not watch the Mariners game.

15:00 PM EST

Press conference begins, Paul Allen, Joe Roth, majority owners alongside super fan Drew Carey. Some guy named Tom Lewicky is speaking. He is assuring us that Seattle will become the capital of soccer because we have the "greatest fans" and because more people in Washington play organized soccer than any other state in the USA. I did not know that. We also have kick ass ticket sales, that I did know. We also have an amazing stadium, great fan support, really rich people. Has he heard of the Sonics????

15:05 PM EST

Apparently ticket deposits have jumped from 13000 to 14000 in the last week alone. Must be from the Henry rumors. Like I said, probably too good to be true, but great marketing scheme even if its not.

Over 15,000 people voted for the team name. Here it goes:
The tension, its spine splitting...

Seattle Sounders FC.

A write in vote won!!! thank you jebus.


15:10 PM EST:

Conversation with my brother:

me: Seattle Sounders FC

Neal: why the sounders, that's lame
Neal: u can quote me in ur blog "that's lame"
Neal: weren't the sounders some crap amateur team that failed?
Neal: we already have the seattle sounders
Neal: is it part of the same ownership group?
Neal: can't they sue?
Neal: that is trademark infringement brotha

Meet my brother, the lawyer.

15:23 PM EST

New Seattle LogoSo, there we have it. The Seattle Sounders FC. Its not bad, definitely better than the other options and provides a bit of continuation from the USL club's history. I am proud of the citizens of Seattle for standing up against crappy names and winning a coup with the write in vote.

The logo is predictably blue and green with an image of the space needle. No big surprise there. I cant wait to see the jerseys. I'm hoping emerald green and white for the home kits and a black and green away kit. Paul, feel free to call me if you need any suggestions.

Oh and before I forget, a special thanks to Mr. Samuels for his support.

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